If you have both car and medical insurance, learn more about which company will pick up the bills for your car crash injuries.

Who Covers Your Bills After A Car Accident?

Being in a car crash can be terrifying, particularly if it results in a serious injury. Imagine that you’re rushed to the hospital, where you’re treated for broken bones, cuts, bruises, head trauma or more.  Once you’re released, you may be surprised to find a mountain of paperwork awaiting you regarding your hospital stay.

When it comes to paying for medical treatment after an accident, there are several common scenarios.  Your health insurance might pick up the bill — up to a certain point — or your car insurance may pay the costs — again, up to a certain point.  Or, in cases involving other drivers who were at fault, their car insurance may ultimately be responsible.

Understanding who is liable for these bills can be complicated, particularly if you are already in pain and struggling to recover from your injuries.  A knowledgeable car crash lawyer can assist you with this portion of your case to make sure that your bills are paid — whether by your car or health insurance, or by the other driver’s insurance.

Determining Who Pays

If the other driver was at fault for the accident, then their car insurance company may ultimately be liable for covering your bills.  However, this may not be established right away, which means that someone else has to pay the bills until this insurance company agrees to cover the cost.

As a general rule, if you have health insurance, it will cover the initial costs of your treatment and then later seek reimbursement from either your car insurance or another insurance company.  When your insurance company receives a hospital or doctor’s bill for treatment for injuries related to a car accident, you will likely receive a letter in the mail or a telephone call asking you for additional information. With this information, your health insurance company can then seek payment from the responsible insurer.  Your policy will likely require you to cooperate with the insurance company throughout this process; your car crash lawyer can help you fill out the paperwork and talk to insurance company representatives.

If you have substantial injuries, then your health insurance coverage may act as a fail safe, paying for treatment once the other coverage has been exhausted.  For example, if another driver was at fault for a car accident that led to your injuries, their policy will cover up to a certain amount of damages for bodily injuries.  If their limit was $100,000 and your medical costs are $50,000 and rising, then your health insurance may then pick up the remaining bills.  Exactly what is covered and what is excluded will depend on the terms of the policy itself.  Just be sure to keep careful track of all of your bills — including out-of-pocket expenses.  This documentation can be used to show damages in the event that you need to file a lawsuit or make a claim against the other driver or his insurance company.

A seasoned car crash lawyer will be able to assist you with this process, including filing claims with insurance companies and talking to representatives to get the maximum coverage for your medical bills and your need for ongoing treatment.

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