Great over all experience. Paralegal and staff were thorough and clear, easy to understand legal process, quick response time. Completely recommend for personal injury cases.Yelp
Diana E.

There was absolutely no hassle for me. They kept me up to date and checked in on me throughout the case. They take care of everything and were able to clearly explain the process and it was all definitely worth it in the end!

Geronimo was the assistant that was working on our case. He was friendly, informative, patient and thorough with any questions that I had.

Marcos R.

Excellent experience due to our auto accident. The staff are very professional and courteous. They make sure that your experience wit their office would be as pleasant as possible. Thank you!
Leon A.

Was in a car accident about 2 years ago. Was told to call Larry H Parker. I did and was blown away by the way they took care of me from the beginning to the end. Mitchell and Lisa were amazing, caring and ensured that I was always kept in the loop on what was going. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Best Law Firm in California.
Will B.

Super friendly staff and very efficient job on the case they helped me with.  It was hassle free and I literally did not have to worry about doing anything pertaining you my case.  Would recommend to anyone who’s been involved in an accident. Thank you Larry H Parker, Becky, Chris, and staff.
Daravid T.

For me Larry H Parker handled my case professionally and expeditiously. They did all they could to procure me the max amount of what was due/available to me. They even got a slightly higher percentage than they promised. Thanks
Tanisha H.

For me Larry H Parker handled my case professionally and expeditiously. They did all they could to procure me the max amount of what was due/available to me. They even got a slightly higher percentage than they promised. Thanks
Stephen M.

Hello, I just wanted to thank in advance the Law Offices of Larry H Parker and his team Michele, Chris, Summer and Jonathan for their help with my automobile accident and Social Security claims as well as their knowledge and kindness. Here’s to hoping we succeed in our missions.


Rick L

These guys are true pros! My attorney did all the work. My settlement exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend to anyone who needs to negotiate with an insurance company.
Brandon B.

I am so happy for the opportunity to write this review; it is easy to criticize people when they make a mistake, when they overlook, or when they disappoint. I want to compliment, and to say a public “thank you” to a LHP employee, Ms. Stacey Bass. She’s a strong negotiator, she’s being doing it for quit a while. Most importantly to me, though, is how Stacey relates so personally with her clients, how she listens with passion and then the passion she feels motivates her to push, hard, to get the very best outcome that can possibly happen! In my case, Stacey was out sick, off work for an extended period, yet she was at home working on my case and I know she was willing to do that because she talked to me and really understood and related to my personal situation. Stacey does the maximum for her clients, and this leads not only to a positive financial outcome, but it also means that if legal representation is needed again in the future, the very first place clients will come, again, is to the Larry H. Parker law firm. Thank you Stacey, for helping me get through a difficult situation as a result of an unfortunate car crash. I appreciate you more than I can say. – E. W.
Earlee W

I did nothing, they took care of everything. I would definitely use them again. Thank you.
Jesse M.

Me and my husband are really happy with the results of our case, they solved it very, very fast!!! We will refer our friends if they need a lawyer who take the cases in a serious manner. And they also speak Spanish.
Lucia R.

They where very nice and helpful. I felt they were there for me.
Diana C.

I highly recommend the Law Offices of Larry H Parker. I received a settlement after a major car accident I had and I was hardly able to make it to the Doctor’s appointments. With life being so busy as a single mom on top of everything else like pain and sleepless nights, it wasnt easy, but this part THEY MAKE IT so very easy for you. Having this accident was horrifying and this law office was the best. Truly I thank and appreciate them for their hard work and time.
Ray So Raw

You guys were awesome to me. I appreciate the help & concerns everyone had for my case. Everyone is polite & respectful. I hope I wont have the need to call again but I will definitely keep you in mind for myself as well as family and friends . Thank you LHP.
Chandra A.

I had a very nice experience with Larry H. Parker representing me. Every time I left a message, I would get calls back. It was a lengthy process, but I have nothing negative to say about their service. I highly recommend them.
Veronica S.

I want to start off by saying that I have nothing but positive things to say about my experience with the Law Offices of Larry Parker. Their entire staff is very professional and very organized. I was rear-ended at a light and I was concerned about who would pay for my damages and any medical fees. I called their office after hours, and received a call back within an hour or less. They scheduled for me to meet with a representative, who by the way, comes to YOU! Yes, no need to ever drive out to their law offices if you have a tight schedule. The representative sat down with me, gave me the breakdown of the paperwork, collected all the information from my accident including insurance information and pictures, and got the ball rolling on my case immediately. I was assigned an attorney to my case, his name was Chris. He took charge of the entire case, including all the back and forth between the insurance companies and the other party. He called me regularly to provide me with any updates or new details with my case. I’m a full-time student, and I work about 20 hours a week. I have very little free time on my hands, and with all the hassle involved with an accident, I can’t imagine I would have had ample time to deal with the issue and may have even ended up eating any costs for repair to my vehicle by failing to continuously follow up with the insurance companies. I felt very secure and at ease throughout the duration of my case knowing it was being handled by such an organized, professional, and efficient team. After my case was settled, Ron B. himself even took the time to give me a call and follow up with me and make sure everything was well. If you were involved in an accident, and don’t know who to call or are contemplating going it alone, I would definitely recommend giving Larry Parker a call first.
R. Hernandez

By far the best call I could have made after my accident. I was lost after a hit and run not to mention I was in a lot of pain. Not only did Trish and Marilyn assist me with my car rental information, car insurance, but also locating the individual who hit my car and tried to leave. Trish was very helpful throughout the process and Marilyn was able to explain everything. Best ladies in the firm. I don’t know what I would have done without these ladies. Thank you so much. Hope to never need them again, but I know who to call if I am ever involved in a car accident.
E. Landers

Going to Larry H Parker was the best decision I could have made after my 1st and 2nd accident that I unfortunately had. They were genuine, prompt, and very professional. They kept my updated regularly and even stepped in with my own insurance company would not return my calls. My medical bills were handled and even got some compensation. With that being said, I highly recommend their services to my friends, family, even strangers!
A. Mora

The accident had left a substantial negative impact on my life, and had prolonged my academic plans. I was only glad that I found support in the capable company of Larry H Parker staff as I waded through the aftermath. My attorney at the firm, Marilyn Fernandez, kept fighting for the best settlement instead of asking me to settle. I can understand that for an established firm such as this, my case would have had a little significance, but I always felt assured — especially since I started to talk to Trish and then Ms. Fernandez — that it was treated with the same care and commitment as any other. God forbid, if any of my friends or acquaintances may need a legal help in future, I will always know where to guide them.
N. Patel

From the first call to the last, I felt they were there for me. I was never in a situation where I needed a lawyer before, but after talking to them I never had to worry about a thing!
S. Doeden

I was recently involved in a car accident and called Larry H. Parker. They took care of me every single step of the way and made sure that I was fairly taken care of. They always kept me informed and were consistent with everything they told me. The process was faster than expected. Great friendly service every single time I communicated with them. They are my go-to’s going forward. I also make sure to tell everyone I know about them. These types of issues usually give me so much stress, but to my surprised I didn’t stress about this case one bit. Thank you Larry H Parker!!!
L. Mena

I love Larry H. Parker. The staff treated me like family! Ms. Stacey Bass was excellent!! And Pat Patel was amazing! The whole group was very helpful. I had an auto accident back in May 2016, they called and checked up on me as they were very concerned about me and making sure I had all that I needed, and that I was ok. I am very happy with their service. I could call them at anytime when I had a question and they called me right back even if they were unavailable. Larry H Parker will work for you!! They are the best, thank you Larry H Parker and staff!!
L. Johnson

This review and has been long overdue. Staff has been exceptionally accommodating to any of my questions or needs. Everything was handled with such professionalism and on a timely manner. Thank you for all your hard work and commitment through my time of despair. I would highly recommend your firm to others who find themselves in my situation
Keep up the good work!
R. Hamm

I am very surprised by all these negative reviews. I from the first moment I contacted Larry H Parker’s office had nothing but excellent service. Whether it was reaching me via phone or email they always went beyond what was needed to assist me. Of course with all cases things take time so I am not going to minus a star for the amount of time my case took to settle. I do not believe it’s Larry H Parker’s fault if the person who was at fault for the accident’s insurance company takes their sweet time in getting back to us. When I was first in my accident (I was rear ended on the 91 freeway, yes stop and go traffic in the morning is a perfect combination for these accidents) my back and shoulders were hurt/sore and I did not know what to do. I remembered seeing their commercials on TV and decided to submit an inquiry online. Honestly, within mins of submitting my inquiry I received a call from the office. I explained again what happened he ask if I was in any pain and he asked if I had been to the doctor. I had not. He asked me where I lived and pointed me in the direction of a Chiropractor. I had recently moved to the Corona area and did not know of any offices to go to. Since I was at work I did not have the time to search. So he did it for me. He even went out of this way in calling the Chiropractor and scheduled me an appointment. He (sorry I do not remember his name) did not have to do that by any means. He completely went beyond what I expected. I was truly grateful. He went beyond his duty in my opinion. Of course going back and forth between law firm and insurance companies take a while but any time I had a question or wanted an update they always called me back if I had to leave a voicemail. I do believe they answered my calls more times then I actually left a voicemail. There were moments on my part where I was extremely busy and did not have the chance to call them back after they called me a few times at that point they would then email me. I never had any communication problems with them. I can honestly say I did not have a negative experience at all in anyway. From the person who called me (after my online inquiry) to the paralegals to the lawyer I had nothing but a great experience. I would recommend the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker to family, friends or anyone who would ask me.
Danielle G.

From the moment I called them to the moment the case finished they took care of everything and I got the proper care and compensation for my time. There’s a reason they are top notch in what they do and it seems that they will be there for years to come.
E Castro

In march 2016 I was involved in a 4 car crash accident. A few days later I felt pain in neck and back. I decided to call the office of Larry H Parker and next day I was already seen a chiropractic for my pain and discomfort. The whole process ran very smooth with me and I was well taken care of. I would recommend this office to my family and friends. Thank you LHP!
Maria C.

Took some time ,but they made it happen. I would continue to utilize their services when needed.


Kay Kay B.

My experience with The Law Office of Larry H. Parker.
I was involved in an accident on 8/21/2014. Being my first accident was was in shock, I didn’t know what to do, I didn’t know who to call! Growing up in Socal I grew up watching Larry’s commercials (shoot for some reason my mom recorded one over my 3rd birthday video[we can talk about that later…lol]) I called my mother while sitting in the car waiting for the police to arrive she told me call an attorney, mothers always know best. I called the law office of L.H.P I spoke to intake rep and was told to take numbers and seek medical attention if needed right away. The next day I called was told I could get a rep sent over to get all my paper work filled out to start the process, luckily I work very close so during lunch I went over and signed all the paper work I spoke to Franklin (he honestly is the best so patient and understanding) later on that day I had my first appointment with a chiropractor set. I did therapy for 3 months Chiropractor was close enough to work I did my therapy during Lunch. After I was done with therapy I was told By Franklin that we had to wait for the doctors notes before we could submit them to the insurance. I think we waiting for approximately 3 weeks. My case was settled by December, I received my settlement check the First week of February. If you want an attorney with experience and knowledge don’t look any further. To all my Friends and Family if you go with another Attorney our relationship is over….lol jk. On a serious note, stop looking call know you won’t be disappointed. Once again Thank you to the Law Office of Larry H Parker and to Franklin’s team for helping me and taking such good care of My case 🙂 Easiest 7 months of my life! Don’t judge a book by its cover in this case yelp reviews sure there is negative reviews but to let negativity stop you from greatness 🙂 🙂 Thanks for reading my review. God Bless!
Susan T.

I have been a twice client of this law firm. Yes the process is lengthy but everything of this kind of situation needs time for investigation, recovery and negotiation. They won my case twice and I was the one rear ended. They protected me from Liberty Mutual insurance who is trying to delay the process of the repairs of my car. I was given a chiropractic care near my location. We were able to get a substantial money back.
Jinky T.

I am very happy with the work Ron Beck had put in to my case and for him educating me on minor’s compromise. If I ever get into an accident again I will make sure to give them a call 🙂
Tabatha H.

A few months ago, I was involved in a bad car accident and called The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker right away. I was not driving the car at the time, but had some serious back and neck pain. Larry H. Parker’s office made sure that I was well taken care of. All of my doctors were very caring and took the time to listen to my concerns regarding my injuries. They paid for all of my medical bills, and I still got a great settlement at the end of the day! I always tell my friends and family to call Larry H. Parker’s office if they get involved in a car accident. They really take care of their clients!
G. Theodora Drake

They took good care of my case Twice!! These guys are good at what they do. Any issues with the doctors are handled with ease. Would absolutely recommend them.
Juan Molina

I was driving on the freeway when traffic came to a sudden halt and within seconds of me breaking I was rear ended. The person who hit me was driving at a very high speed that caused my car to be pushed into the car in front of me. I had terrible pain in the middle of my back, neck pain and in both shoulders. I called Larry H. Parker’s office and they set me up with doctor appointments right away. I always felt informed about my case, and Trevor Smith made sure I received a great settlement too! I would definitely recommend my friends and family if they were ever injured in a car accident.
Melanie Davis

“I was riding my motorcycle on the freeway when I noticed a car ahead of me was swerving in and out of her lane. I approached her vehicle cautiously but because she was on her cell phone she didn’t notice that I was next to her. She ended up hitting me and driving over my motorcycle causing me to be pinned between my bike and two cars on the freeway. I was seriously injured by her negligence. Broken ribs, you name it. Larry H. Parker’s office made sure all my medical bills were paid for, and got me a great settlement. This process was not easy and the pain I went through was intense, but if you are ever injured in an accident I highly recommend that you contact this firm. He fought for me.”
Chris Coleman

Mitchell Beck at the Law Offices of Larry Parker will go to battle for you. He did for me. I never expected to have to hire a Lawyer or be in the position to get one, but I’m very grateful to Mitchell Beck for going to work for me.
Rosa T.

Everything was done beyond my expectations. Everyone that helped was extremely nice. I was expecting my case to take a lot longer than it did. It was great not having the stress of doing things myself. I would highly recommend anyone to call if you need help. It’s worth it.
Scott Oneil

I loved how as soon as I called Larry H Parker one of the associates immediately came to me. Not having to go into the office gave me a sense of comfort. They were persistent and very accommodating. I will recommend them to my family and friends.
Sasha Flores

I had my 1st bad wreck in March of 2015 and I literally found these guys thru yelp. I can’t complain about my experience with this firm as they were very responsive to any questions or concerns I had. At one point, I even considered dropping the lawyer so that I could get a higher settlement and the lawyer was even willing go that route if I really wanted to and was very encouraging.

Pat, Oscar and Becky were extremely helpful thru out the process. It’s the end of September and I just the release for my settlement so in less than 3 months they got my claim pretty much worked out so I’m a very happy client.

I would recommend these guys for anyone who is looking for a good car accident lawyer.

Brian Park

I was hit by a car and left with an injury that would, and will ultimately change my life. sadly I was trying to find work but couldn’t due to the accident. I spent hours deciding on which office i’d like to hire, to help me in my time of need. luckily The Law offices of Larry H. Parker were there to help me through what would’ve been a painful stress filled time. They helped me in my case , and gave me all the treatment i needed to help keep me on my feet. i was surprised at the rate everything was going in. it honestly didn’t take long to get the money i needed, and the support from what feels like a family to me. thank you for helping me, and to anyone who reads this, please give them a call.
Kenny _loves you

I was in a motorcycle accident and I was in a lot of pain. I wasn’t quite sure what to do. So I called The Offices of Larry H. Parker, and they took my case, they took all my paperwork, they took all the pictures, they handled everything for me and took the guess work out. Initially we started dealing with the insurance company ourselves, and it seemed like we were getting the run around. Once they handled the case, we didn’t have to do anything else. Larry H. Parker got me $97,000. I’m extremely glad that I called Larry H. Parker. It was quick and easy. They took care of everything for me. Thanks Larry.
LHP Client

The people at Larry H. Parker took care of everything, they made my life easier. I told them about the accident and they told me right on the phone I had a case. So they came right out and took care of me. I had a tough case, but Larry came through for me. They settled my tough case quickly, without going to court. Larry H. Parker’s office got me over $450,000. Larry H. Parker fought for me, and he’ll fight for you.
LHP Client

Larry H. Parker has been around for a long time. I’ve seen their commercials growing up, heard the ads on TV, and I never thought I’d be in the situation where I would have to need the legal services of a law office like Larry H. Parker. But when the event came about, Larry H. Parker is who I turned to. Picking Larry H. Parker for my losses was the best idea ever. It felt great that I knew I didn’t have to fight the insurance company alone. Larry H. Parker had my car up and running in no time. I felt when I came in that everyone in the office was working for me. If you were in a serious accident, I would highly recommend you call Larry H. Parker. I got $340,000. Thanks, Larry.
LHP Client

I was in a motorcycle accident, and I called Larry H. Parker, and we came to a settlement pretty quickly. Larry H. Parker’s office handled everything for me and made my life a lot easier. I really felt like Larry H. Parker cared. I’m glad I called Larry H. Parker. They did an excellent job and I was happy with the settlement and I’d recommend it to anyone.
LHP Client

The offices of Larry h Parker did an awesome job handling my case Elizabeth was my assigned paralegal she did an awesome job always kept me informed on any new updates. i highly recommend there services I would hire them again.
Anonymous review - Avvo

Motorcycle Accident: I called Larry H Parker’s office after I was hit on my motorcycle on the freeway. They handled everything for me, from speaking with the CHP, my hospital, my insurance and the insurance of the other party involved. The process lengthy but I believe their offices did everything in their power to expedite the whole thing. I highly recommend them.
Anonymous review - Avvo

He fought for me! I hired Larry Parker after we were rear-ended at a stoplight. I did not know where to turn or what to do next. My cousin used the firm years earlier and had great results. Turns out – they were even better than I expected. They helped me through the whole process, always returned my calls, and kept me in the loop every step of the way! Thank you Larry H. Parker!
Anonymous review - Avvo

Larry H. Parker was there for me. My car was ruined, and I was seriously hurt. Larry H. Parker did tell me I had a case right over the phone and that they would be out the next day to take care of it. The great thing about Larry H. Parker is he took care of my medical bills, he fixed my car, he handled the insurance company, and he made everything so easy for me that there were no problems. Larry H. Parker makes everything simple. The jury awarded me $420,000. Thank you Larry H. Parker for helping me.
LHP Client

Mitchell Beck at the Law Offices of Larry Parker will go to battle for you. He did for me. I never expected to have to hire a Lawyer or be in the position to get one, but I’m very grateful to Mitchell Beck for going to work for me.

It wasn’t a huge case, but he handled it with the utmost professionalism. His secretary (I forget her name) handled things well. There was some bumps along the way typical of other reviewers comments about their paralegals, some of them need to be fired. Their lack of professionalism and lack of attention to their clients needs is a major problem here at LHP.

Nothing was done overnight, but that’s not how it works when you have to utilize a lawyer. All you want is professionalism. Which is what I got once I finally got to Mitchell Beck. I’d give him and his secretary 5 stars based on their hard work. Thank you again Mr Beck and God Bless.

T P.

Ron took the time to review my case and sit down and talk to me . He was very thorough and I appreciate the time . Thank you again
Chris H.

So sad yelp bumps all the good reviews. I looked all over for what I posted so I’ll post another one. Yes the process has been rather long but to what was important was when I had a complaint Ron Beck addressed it and made sure I was taken care of. Also a special thanks to Joe at the long Beach office for his due diligence as well.
Sadie W.

I have had the privilege of knowing the staff at Law Offices of Larry H Parker since 2007. I have found them to be sincere and tenacious about helping their clients to recover the maximum damages from their accidents and injuries. I do know that Insurance companies fight The Law Offices of LHP to keep from paying out any damages. Rest assured that the Law Offices of Larry H Parker will fight for you. They are experienced at this. Everyday they fight for their clients to help them get justice. After all they have over 10,000 satisfied clients who have received the benefit of having Larry H Parker fighting for them. Not all cases are created equal.The best you can do is to work with them in an open manner and get them all of the information they need to help you win your case. Give them a call. they are serious, tenacious and they will fight for you.
Search C.

When everyone else turned me down LHP took my case. I owe everything to TODD HARRISON!!!!! He fought hard for me always keeping my best interest at heart never did I feel alone in my fight!!! It took 3yrs back and forth he stood by my side!!!!! WE WON!!!!! MY name is Edward Martinez and LHP&TODD HARRISON fought for me!!!! I highly recommend TODD HARRISON, he will fight till the end!!!!!!!! Thanks Todd many blessings my friend…
Edward M.

I got a call back from the office of LHP and i was quite shocked with a very fast and professional response, i’m not sure what happen to the other reviews but with my experience talking to LHP personnel is an awesome experience. My case is being heard at the moment and whether the outcome is positive or negative, i think people should carefully give it some time to discuss their concern to someone who is in higher position at LHP and then be ready for the results. I will post the outcome later on, thanks Todd.
Mic G.

I have always heard about this business and was skeptical going with a large firm for my accident. I decided to call and spoke with a woman by the name of Mattalyn and my concerns were quickly set at ease.

Right off the batt, she explained how everything would work, and I was made to feel very comfortable. Also, she was EXTREMELY organized! She followed up about documents I needed, status of my treatment, and even my car settlement which LHP didn’t even handle (which was very impressive).

I highly recommend going with this office. I see a few negative reviews and can’t help but think that these people had high expectations about their case/settlement and when the info did not meet these expectations… They looked for someone to blame.

Stephan J.

My mom got into an accident and a lovely friend of mine referred me over to this place. I wasn’t sure how it would go because my mom wanted to leave it alone (since she’s just thankful that she’s still alive). Also, just thinking of all the stuff she has to go through and not being able to speak English would be too much of a hassle to file a claim. I decided to just call and get some info and Mattelyn Lima made it sound so easy that I just said okay let’s get it going… before you know it, my mom got her settlement check in just a few weeks! I like how easy and convenient she made it, especially when I don’t have the time. I really like the service and I would definitely recommend her!
Mo M.

I Had a great experience using the services of the law offices of Larry H. Parker. It took a while for the case to settle, but these things take time to resolve. Although you primarily deal with a paralegal, they are experts at what they do. Unless you have the means to pay in advance to hire a private attorney to handle your case, then you may receive more personalized service. Some yelp reviews indicate that this law office is a waste of money. How can that be? If you do not win, you do not pay. In regard to property damage, no personal injury attorney handles this aspect of the case. They are exactly that, Personal Injury Attorneys. In no way do they claim to be something that they are not. I think that some people are looking to “cash in” on an accident and this is why some people are upset. Being involved in an accident is no fun, but you can not have unrealistic expectations of receiving millions of dollars because you were rear-ended on the freeway. Mr. Perez took my case and I feel that he and his team did an excellent job in handling my case. They handle everything aside from going to the actual doctors appointments. If you listen to their advice and remain patient, you will be satisfied with the outcome.
Kevin A.

Great Job! It took a while, My accident was on December of 2012 and my claim ended in 2016, but it worked out. Great job and thanks for everything!
ana gutierrez

Great job. Got good compensation and service. I always refer to friends and family
Alex Adams

I had a great experience with the LHP team. Pat, the paralegal handle my case very efficient, have nothing but good reviews for the team. Thanks for getting my case settled to my favor.
Carlos Cesar Solano-Conejo

The Law Offices of Larry H Parker are their fore you. They fought fore me and got me what I deserved. Thank you the whole staff is Great!!!!
Gina Madrigal

Minor traffic case handled efficiently…everything took place just as described by your representative. Simple and straightforward.
Kevin Appleton

Larry Parker office provides a great follow up for my case. They really take care of all of the details and one’s doesn’t have to worry about anything.
Roger Mujica

Very great service i had no complaints at all. Thank you for your service and security knowing things are being handled.
Van Roberts

I absolutely loved my experience with Larry H. Parker. Mitchell Beck is excellent at what he does, he is also very kind and understanding. If you ever need any law representation I recommend you come here !
Brionna Williams

I was in a terrible car accident and the Law Offices of Larry H Parker took care of everything! My car was completely totaled. I was headed to school when the driver in the other vehicle involved made a left hand turn in front of my car causing me to hit his passenger door. Both airbags deployed and my car spun out of control.
Lindsay Sarah

I was involved in a traffic collision where I sustained an injury. I immediately contacted LARRY H. PARKER. They are true professionals. I would use them again and would strongly recommend them to anyone involved in any accident.
Cesar Chavez

I am please with the handling of my case and the medical treatment given to me and with the settlement I will recommended to my family and friends .Thank you
Yolanda Garcia

Everything worked out perfect
Jonathan Garcia

My best experience was from day one when I hired Larry H. Park’s team. All my questions, request and doubts were responded to immediately! I was spoiled and pampered by their doctor and his team. I was offered a settlement from hardball Workers Comp. in three years but I felt that I would need more for the rest of my life! I was giving an offer yesterday but my attorney suggested that I give it until the next court date unless the adjustor agrees with W/C insurance who want to settle and my attorney! I like the new offer and I will truly miss Larry H. Parker’s team who never left my side! They were all very prompt, professional and sensitive towards my situation! I wouldn’t hire anyone else and I suggest injured parties to do the same for quality work!
Yolonde T

I was a client with the law firm 3 times. I cannot express the gratitude to my team. I call it my ‘dream team’. efficient and extremely competent they resolve and help you in a way that deserve to be commended. beside the legal help, what I really appreciated is the fact that they CARE about you. they have a heart for you, and that alone should say so much to all of you out there. these days people do not care much anymore. at this law firm you will find that care and the expertise. THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE !
Chris C.