Wrongful Termination

California Wrongful Termination Claims

Wrongful TerminationDespite the fact that California is an at-will employment jurisdiction, wrongful termination is nevertheless possible in a variety of situations. The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker can assist if you just lost your employment and feel that you were the victim of unlawful termination. Our wrongful termination lawyers have helped clients collect hundreds of millions of dollars, and we can do the same for you. Your window of opportunity to make a claim may be short, so call the skilled employment lawyers at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker immediately at 866-536-5788 to begin your FREE case evaluation.

At-Will Employment

At-will employment means that you and your employer can end the relationship with or without cause and at any time. Even if an employee is doing their job duties above and above the call of duty, your employer is legally free to elect to fire them without giving a reason.

Wrongful Termination And At-Will Exceptions

In terms of their enterprises, employers do not have unrestricted hiring and firing authority. Businesses are required to follow all applicable public policies, the guidelines set forth in corporate policy or an employee contract, and any additional terms and guidelines. Due to these factors, there are still several at-will job termination exceptions that California courts have determined to be unconstitutional, such as:

Discrimination/Harassment: Any protected trait, including race, religion, gender, age (if over 40), ability, sexual orientation, and political beliefs, cannot be used to justify firing a person. 

Retaliation: Employees who disclose their employer’s breaking of the law cannot be dismissed. Similarly, the employer cannot fire an employee who refuses to carry out an unlawful act.

Protected Absences: Employees are legally entitled to take time off for reasons such as jury duty, family or medical emergencies as described in the Family and Medical Leave Act, and other legitimate reasons.

Courts consider constructive discharge to be unlawful when an employer creates or fails to remedy hostile working conditions that force an employee to quit their position. 

Evaluating Your Claim For Wrongful Termination

Even though you might be convinced that you were wrongly terminated, it can be very challenging to demonstrate this in court, especially without the help of an expert wrongful termination lawyer. You and your lawyer ought to do the following things to support your claim:

Collect Relevant Documents: Employee manuals, contracts for employment, performance evaluations from the past, and pertinent communications can all be used to build a thorough case. Verify in writing all agreements related to your termination and, if necessary, severance.

Don’t Retaliate: Even though you may be sad and angry about being fired unfairly, this is not the time to steal things or break the law. Find a reliable employment lawyer to represent you and assist you in pursuing justice through the legal system.

Your Trusted Wrongful Termination Lawyers

The knowledgeable wrongful termination lawyers at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker have assisted their clients in obtaining the finest for many years. For your wrongful termination lawsuit, our legal team has the resources (both financial and human) and legal know-how you require. Contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker immediately at 866-536-5788 to see how our dedication to excellence can benefit your case, or fill out our online contact form to begin your FREE case consultation.

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