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Social Security Appeal Process Lawyers California

Appeal ProcessOur Social Security Disability lawyers fight for the rights of injured and disabled people.

Do you have a severe illness, injury, or disability that keeps you from working? You might be able to get Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits are intended to provide income so that hardworking people like you can get the support they need during a difficult period.

The only problem is that obtaining the benefits you deserve can be difficult.

At The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, We will Fight To Get Your Social Security Disability Claim Approved

Has your initial Social Security Disability application been denied? Never give up. There are still many things we can do to help you get a favorable decision.

In some cases, all that is required is that your appeal is handled by an experienced lawyer from The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker. We will ensure that it is complete and error-free. If the first appeal is still denied, we can request a disability hearing, which allows us to present your case to an Administrative Law Judge. If your claim is denied at this stage, we can appeal to the Appeals Council and ask an Administrative Appeals Judge to reverse that decision.

Essential Steps in a Social Security Disability Appeal in Southern California

You can rely on the experienced lawyers at The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker to provide expert guidance, doing everything possible to facilitate a quick and favorable resolution to your case.

At the reconsideration stage, the first appeal, we will ensure that Social Security is notified of all the missing medical records and other critical information so that a new determination is based on all the important facts of your case. This will give you the best chance of obtaining a favorable determination. If Social Security still denies your reconsideration, the next stage is to file a Request for Hearing with an Administrative Law Judge. Effectively presenting your case to an Administrative Law Judge requires the expertise of a lawyer who has appeared at hundreds of these administrative hearings and knows how to thoroughly examine the Social Security witnesses the Judge will call to testify at these hearings. If, somehow, the claim is denied by the Administrative Law Judge, then the final administrative step is requesting review by the Appeals Council.  Preparing a detailed legal brief that points out the errors in the Judge’s decision increases your chances of the Appeals Council finding in your favor and reversing or remanding the claim.  Our lawyer understands the arguments to make to the Appeals Council and has had great success at obtaining reversals and remands for his clients.

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  • You don’t pay any legal fees unless we win your case.

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