The latest Samsung phone may have a battery defect that causes it to explode.

What Can You Do If Your Phone Explodes?

Smartphones have become a necessity in modern life.  We use them for everything— watching videos, keeping up with friends and family on social media, ordering food, finding directions — and sometimes we even use them to make calls.  As technology advances, we have become more reliant on things like cellphones in our day to day lives.  But sometimes, the technology has advanced so rapidly that safety isn’t always the top priority as companies rush to get the latest and greatest products on the market.  When that happens, consumers often pay the price.  

This is the case with the latest offering from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 7.  The phone runs on a lithium ion cell battery, which is a powerful way to charge our gadgets for an extended period of time.  But when phones overheat, the batteries can overheat as well — triggering a chemical chain reaction that can lead to a spark, fire, or even an explosion.  More than 2 million of these phones have been produced, and there have been more than 30 reported cases so far of the phones catching fire or even exploding.  This may be a result of overcharging the phone — something that is a fairly common occurrence as many of us leave our phones plugged in when not in use, particularly overnight.  Now imagine what would happen if your overheated phone was in your pocket when it exploded, or if it caught on fire as it sat beside your bed.  Serious injuries — or even fatalities — could result from these issues.

Samsung is not the only manufacturer to have an issue with overheating lithium ion batteries.  This problem has been seen in other products, including last year’s hot holiday gift—the hoverboard. Manufacturers are typically held responsible for these type of defective products under one of three theories:

  • Manufacturing defects, such as a battery that was improperly made to allow these chemical reactions to occur;
  • Design defects, such as a phone that could catch on fire under certain conditions like overcharging; or
  • Improper Labels, like a phone that does not warn users that leaving it plugged in for more than a set period of time could lead to a fire.

A skilled products liability lawyer can assess your case to determine if your phone or other device was in some way defective and caused you injuries or property damage.  All Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones purchased before September 15, 2016 have been recalled.  A new version of this phone was recently released, with Samsung claiming that the battery issues have been addressed.

If you have been injured by a defective product, whether it was a phone, hoverboard or any other device, you will need an experienced products liability lawyer to handle your case.  An attorney can investigate the facts of your case, hire experts to prove that the product was defective in manufacture, design and/or labeling, and negotiate or litigate a settlement or award.  The attorneys of the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker have decades of experience handling product liability and other personal injury cases, and will aggressively pursue cases on behalf of their clients who have been injured by defective products.  Contact our offices today at 800-333-0000 or to schedule a free initial consultation!

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