This Work Zone Awareness Week, learn how you can reduce the risk of construction zone accidents.

Watch Out for Work Zones

In partnership with the Federal Highway Administration, the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials and the American Safety Services Association, the National Work Zone Awareness week is a period of time when the importance of safe driving through construction work zones is highlighted. Of course, the ultimate goal is to promote better driving habits through work zones throughout the year, but during this week, safety tips and tricks are shared to help drivers understand exactly how to be cautious around work zones.

Construction workers on and alongside of roads, highways and bridges are uniquely vulnerable to accidents. Every year, thousands of people are hurt as a result of accidents due to work zone car accidents — including construction workers, drivers, and passengers in vehicles. In 2015 alone, there were 700 fatalities from crashes in construction zones, with more than 40,000 people injured due to accidents in work zones. That is according to data from the Federal Highway Administration and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Roadway construction is a necessary fact of life in our country, particularly as we need to update our aging highway systems, and many of us have gotten used to seeing flashing lights, signs, and barriers on our daily commutes. We may even fall into bad habits when driving through construction zones, especially if we don’t immediately see anyone working there. That is why it is so important that we take the time to renew our commitment to safe driving habits, particularly when it comes to driving through work zones.

As car accident attorneys, we see what can happen when people do not make safe choices when driving through construction zones. That is why we are reminding you of these construction zone driving tips for National Work Zone Awareness Week.

First, make sure that you stay in your own lane. As temping as it may be to switch lanes — especially if you get stuck behind a slow driver — stick to your own lane in a work zone. Be patient, and remember that changing lanes can lead to an accident, particularly if there are uneven road surfaces.

Second, don’t speed. Not only are you putting yourself at risk for a hefty speeding ticket, but you can increase the risk of causing a crash or hurting someone. Similarly, don’t tailgate. Maintain a safe distance, and be aware of construction vehicles pulling in and out of the lanes.

Third, watch for signs, and do what they say. Stay alert and pay full attention to the road. By avoiding distractions, you can decrease the risk of an accident.

While not every accident can be avoided, taking precautions like these can reduce the risk of accidents. If you have been involved in a crash, the attorneys of the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker are here for you. We have a proven track record of success, with a 95% success rate. Contact us today at 800-333-0000 or to schedule a free initial consultation. We never charge a fee unless we get money for you!