Take these precautions when walking to avoid being struck by a car.

Walkers Beware

It’s simple physics: in a collision between a car, truck or motorcycle and a person, the bigger, faster and heavier object will cause more damage.  That is why so many accidents involving pedestrians result in serious or even fatal injuries.  There is little to protect a man, woman, or child walking on the street from severe injuries if they’re hit by a car.

Accidents involving pedestrians can occur for many reasons—driver inattention, a driver’s illegal  activities (such as drunk driving), pedestrians not following rules or failing to make safe choices, or even the conditions of the road, such as a poorly lit intersection or bad signage to let drivers know that pedestrians may cross there.
Whatever the cause, if someone has been injured in a pedestrian accident, he or she will need a tough, smart pedestrian accident lawyer to help them recover for their losses.  The need for ongoing medical treatment will likely be high, along with damages for lost wages and pain and suffering.

You can take steps to avoid being in a pedestrian-vehicle accident.  The following tips may help reduce your risk, but will not eliminate it entirely since drivers may also make poor choices.

How to Stay Safe 

If you want to reduce the chances of getting struck by a car, make sure you follow basic safety guidelines and the rules of the road.

Know that pedestrians do not always have the right of way; in most cities and towns, they only have the right of way when crossing in a crosswalk and with walk signs. Be sure to follow all signals and traffic laws, and pay attention to the vehicles on the road as you walk or run.  Whenever possible, cross streets at marked intersections and always look both ways before you cross.

Second, make sure that you take some basic safety precautions before you go out.  If you’re walking or jogging at night, avoid dark clothing and consider wearing a shiny, reflective vest or patch to aid in visibility.  Walk on a sidewalk whenever possible.  Stay alert, and remove your headphones or earbuds when crossing the road so that you can hear oncoming vehicles.

Finally, if you are hurt in an accident, gather all possible information about the incident as soon as you are able to do so. This may include taking pictures, getting witness names, and asking for a police report.  These steps may help you in recovering for your injuries.

Of course, most accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians are the fault of the driver, not the walker or runner.  They may be caused by drunk driving, a driver not paying attention, or even a poorly lit street.  Because these collisions can result in catastrophic injuries, it’s important to contact a skilled pedestrian accident attorney as soon as possible after the incident.  Working collaboratively, your attorney can help you build a case, recover money, and move forward with your life.

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