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  • This Week (May 27) in Product Recalls
    17 new product recalls, more than one a day, have been published by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) over the past couple of weeks, including recalls for climbing gear, water heaters, and strollers.
  • Motorcycle Fatalities Rise in US, Drop in California
    Riding a motorcycle is inherently riskier than driving a car, especially when a crash occurs. Car occupants simply have benefits that motorcyclists don't have, including seat belts, air bags, and other safety measures, not to mention a two-ton metal shell.
  • OSHA Finalizes Rule to Publicly Disclose Workplace Injury Data
    A rule designed to improve workplace safety utilizing the concept of behavioral economics has been finalized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
  • 21 Injured After Shuttle Bus Crash
    21 people were injured, at least four critically, after a bus carrying 22 women to a women's church retreat in Big Bear overturned on Highway 330 just north of Highland Avenue on the afternoon of Sunday, May 22nd.
  • Improper Intersection Design Blamed in Motorcyclist’s Death
    A jury ruled against the city of Los Angeles, awarding $23.7 million to the family of a motorcyclist who was killed at an intersection in San Pedro in 2013.