If Everyone Followed These Tips for Driving in Big California Cities Hundreds of Lives Could Be Saved Each Year

Driving in an unfamiliar city that is considerably bigger than the one you are used to can be nerve-wracking at any time, but it can be particularly challenging in California. Continue reading for tips on how to drive safely in big cities to prevent difficulties like pedestrian accidents, bike accidents, train accidents, and others. Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation if you do wind up in an accident.

Pay attention to pedestrians

Yes, only at crosswalks and only when it is safe to do so are pedestrians supposed to cross the street. Sadly, they might not be paying attention, or they can just be insisting on having the right of way. Make eye contact with any approaching pedestrians if you can so they know a car is coming. The number of pedestrian deaths is increasing, and almost always the vehicle is at least somewhat to blame.

When you see city vehicles, don’t get alarmed

Larger cities have more city automobiles, which can be stressful for drivers. This includes garbage trucks, which may need to obstruct traffic in order to perform their duties, or ambulances, which may go at speeds that are unfamiliar to non-city drivers. The trick is to keep your cool when you see city cars. Pull over to the side of the road and wait for them to pass if in doubt.

Plan ahead for taxis

Large-city taxi drivers can be challenging to deal with since they frequently lack patience, make hasty stops, race the clock, and are overconfident to the point of weaving in and out of traffic. Keep an eye out for cabs nearby. Avoid arguing with impatient drivers if you come across them. Simply slow down and allow them to pass by moving in front of you. The risk is not justified.

Understand how to drive close to buses

Buses are common in big cities, and they frequently don’t pay enough attention to the cars and other vehicles surrounding them. They expect that smaller cars will move out of the way, whether they are municipal buses or tour buses. These buses tend to travel slowly, stop abruptly, and make wide curves, so be prepared for that. Be patient if you are behind a bus. Never try to dart past a bus since you might endanger people; instead, only do so when it is completely safe to do so.

Be persistent

Be patient. If you only take one piece of advice for navigating driving in a big city, make it this one. A catastrophic accident or losing your life are both worthless outcomes. Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to arrange a free legal consultation if you have been hurt in an accident.