Stay safe while behind the wheel at night.

Is Driving at Night More Risky?

For most people, driving at night is an unavoidable part of life.  Whether you work a night shift, have to pick up your kids, or just want to enjoy a night out with friends or loved ones, there will be times when you have to drive at night.  Yet many people believe that driving at night carries a higher risk of accidents.  Is driving at night really more risky?  And if so, how can you stay safe while driving at night?

There is a greater risk of having an accident when driving at night.  Many people have a harder time seeing a night, making it more difficult for them to notice road hazards or adapt to changing road conditions. Others find that roads that seem familiar during the day look strange at night, leading them to make errors in their driving that they wouldn’t otherwise make.  And there is another big reason why driving at night may be a bit riskier for many drivers — the presence of impaired drivers.  While people under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be on the road at any time of the day or night, they are more likely to be driving at night.  This increases the risk of accidents related to impaired driving at night.

So knowing that nighttime driving is more risky — and assuming that staying home after dark is not an option — what can you do to stay safe when you have to drive after dark?  First, slow down.  Going fast means that you’ll have less time to react, which raises the odds that you will be in an accident.  If you can’t see as well at night, then giving yourself a cushion of time by going slower will decrease the likelihood of getting in an accident.  When you are on the road, drive defensively.  Be alert to other drivers on the road, and watch out for anyone who may be driving erratically.  You should also be sure to check your headlights before you get behind the wheel.  If they are burnt out, replace them, and ask your dealership or mechanic to align them properly so that they illuminate the road properly ahead of you. Finally, be sure to stay alert.  If you feel drowsy, avoid driving.  Ask a friend or family member to drive instead, or pull over and take a break until you are capable of driving safely.

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