Learn how you can share the road safely.

How You Can Reduce the Risk of Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle accidents are all too common. Studies show that as much as 15% of all traffic fatalities involve motorcyclists — a scary statistic given the ratio of cars and other vehicles to motorcycles on our nation’s roads and highways.

It is often easy for drivers to pass the blame for motorcycle accidents onto bikers.  They may claim that bikers engage in unsafe behavior, like splitting lanes or weaving in and out of traffic — or that riding a motorcycle is just so dangerous that there is no way to do it safely.  Certainly, motorcycles offer less protection than cars and trucks do, and some motorcyclists may be more willing to take risks.  But the same can be said for drivers of cars, many of whom engage in dangerous driving behavior on a regular basis.

The key is for us to learn to share the roads safely. It is the responsibility of both motorcyclists and drivers of cars, trucks and SUVs to avoid accidents.  Bikers can do their part by following safe driving practices, wearing protective gear, making sure that they are visible to other drivers on the road and always be aware of their surroundings.

For their part, drivers can and should take special care to avoid hitting motorcycles while driving.  One of the biggest risk factors for accidents between cars and motorcycles is when cars make left-hand turns in front of motorcycles.  Remember that motorcycles are vehicles just like cars or trucks are — and that they have the same rights and responsibilities when on the road.  That means that if a motorcycle is traveling straight, it has the right of away, and drivers should not attempt to make a left turn in front of it.

Drivers should also be careful to maintain a buffer zone between their vehicle and motorcycles.  Bikes have the ability to stop much more quickly than cars and trucks can, so a sudden stop from a motorcycle can result in a rear-end accident.  Be cautious when bikes are on the road near you — maintain a safe distance, and never attempt to share a lane.  Motorcycles are entitled to use the entire travel lane.  By looking out for motorcycles and giving them the same level respect given to other cars and trucks, we can make the roadways a lot safer and reduce the risk of accidents.

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