Get the Basics on Your Rights – and Your Risks – As an Employee of the Federal Government

There are many advantages to working for the federal government but there are some differences that everyone should be aware of. At The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker we work with people who have employment law questions and concerns. Keep reading what we think everyone who works as a federal employee should know.

Most Federal Employees Have the Same Rights as Other Employees – With More Added On

There are many ways in which working for the federal government is different from working for the private sector, including accountability standards, transparency, and the hours required. Your rights as an employee are also affected – but often for the better. Why? Because, generally speaking, you will have all the rights of a private employee with many additional ones.

You Could Have Extra Protections

One thing to keep in mind is that you could have extra protections if you are a government employee at the federal, state, or city level. There are employment discrimination laws that protect certain classes from being discriminated against or harassed at work. The laws will vary based on the particular branch of the government you work for.

The broadest of these laws cover federal employees. For example, federal employees are protected for their natural origin. This means that it is illegal to have a discriminatory policy or take action based on where a person was born.

You Can Appeal or Contest Treatment After a Year of Employment

One unique aspect of federal employment is that after being a full employee for a year, you then have the right to appeal or contest any adverse action that is taken against you. This includes a negative experience or a change of status. This could include anything from being threatened with termination to being sent to sit in an office location that you believe was ordered in retaliation.

Once you are there a year, you can contest this action but you still have an appeal deadline that you must meet. It will vary based on the situation, but in some cases you will have no longer than 45 days to file the complaint the event or you have become a full employee, whichever comes first. This is why you do not want to wait – take action today.

Take Advantage of the Government Protections You Have

While government jobs are known for coming with great benefits, they also come with great protection. You should take advantage of both – but you can’t do that if you don’t know what they are. Stay protected, stay aware, and keep your job.