Getting a ticket in the mail from a traffic camera may encourage you to drive more carefully.

Do Traffic Cameras Really Increase Safety?Across the United States, traffic “safety” cameras have become a standard feature at many intersections.  These cameras take pictures of offenders speeding, running red lights and committing other driving infractions — but do they really work to keep us safe?

Critics claim that these cameras are nothing more than a ploy to increase revenue via fines.  Governments do not have to pay police officers to sit at these intersections, yet via simple computer programs, wrongdoers can be “caught in the act” of breaking traffic laws and issued a ticket.  It can be difficult for anyone issued a ticket via a traffic camera to fight it, and so many simply pay the fine and move on — which is the basis for much of the criticism. Some people also dislike the idea of having our driving subject to government surveillance.

Supporters of the traffic safety cameras say that these cameras reduce the number of accidents because drivers are less likely to speed, run red lights, or engage in other dangerous or unlawful driving behavior if they know that they could be caught by a camera, not just a police officer.  Some believe they are an effective deterrent because they increase the ability of police to enforce traffic laws. If drivers know that a particular intersection has a traffic camera, they will slow down and always stop for red lights.

Ultimately, we should all be practicing safe driving behavior, regardless of whether or not we see a police car or whether or not there is a camera mounted on a light pole at an intersection.  Traffic laws exist not to make our lives more difficult, but to keep us all safe, and violations of those laws can lead to serious injury or even death.  If traffic safety cameras can reduce the number of people who are killed on our roads and highways each year, then it may be worth the intrusion of having “big brother” watching and the possibility of being fined for bad or illegal driving.

You can practice safe driving and reduce the risk of being in an accident by always leaving plenty of time to get to where you need to go.  Being in a rush often leads to speeding or being careless while driving.  Always take your time while driving, obeying road signs, including the speed limit, and slow down at yellow lights.  Being a cautious driver may not prevent all accidents, but it can help you avoid causing crashes yourself — and if you drive defensively, you may be able to steer clear of reckless drivers on the road.

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