If you aren’t careful, you may find yourself in the hospital this holiday season.

Avoiding Holiday Accidents

December is chock-full of holidays and reasons to celebrate, which makes it a fun (if stressful!) time of year for many Americans.  But with these celebrations come certain dangers — which is why hospitals often see an increase in certain types of injuries in December.  Injuries may include burns, fractures, head injuries, and more–many of which are caused by incidents that could have been prevented with just a little bit of caution.

At the Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, we are committed to helping people who have been hurt in all types of accidents—including slip and falls, dog bites, dangerous or defective products, as well as car, truck, motorcycle or bus accidents.  We also want to help people avoid being hurt in accidents in the first place.  This holiday season, follow these simple tips to prevent the likelihood of being injured by an accident.

Safe Decorations

With the holidays come decorations, many of which involve elements of light, electricity, or even fire.  Many people string lights on their houses and on Christmas trees, put electric candles in windows, light Hanukah candles or have candles lit around their house. Accidental contact with a hot light or candle flame can cause burns ranging from mild to severe.

Fires may also result from candles and electric lights.  According to the Electrical Safety Foundation Institute, fires caused by holiday decorations (including Christmas trees) can be incredibly dangerous and pose a high risk of injury for occupants.  These types of fires can result in twice as many injuries and five times as many fatalities as the average home fire.

Decorations can also lead to injuries other than burns and fires.  People may trip on loose extension cords or fall off of ladders when hanging up decorations inside and outside of their homes.  This can result in broken bones, head trauma, bruises, sprains and cuts, depending on the severity of the fall.  Be careful when putting up decorations, making sure that nothing is out where someone can trip, and make sure that you have someone with you before getting up on a ladder to hang up holiday decorations.

Safe Gifting

When it comes to gifts, always remember that just because something looks cool doesn’t mean that it’s safe.  In recent years, hoverboards have become a hot holiday gift — but many people have been injured by falling off of these devices, or by exploding batteries.  Think carefully before you purchase one of these items, and check the Consumer Product Safety Commission website to read any notices of recalls or product safety issues.  Beyond hoverboards, make sure that the toys you give to kids are age-appropriate — no small pieces for young children! — and that you carefully follow the instructions for assembling toys for kids of all ages.

You should also be careful when opening holiday gifts.  Paper cuts may be minor, but they can hurt! Gifts that require scissors or razor blades should be handled with care so that you don’t end up in the hospital with a deeper cut that may require stitches.

This holiday season, avoid accidents by taking common-sense precautions and devoting some time to safe decorating and gift-giving.  Remember that dry grasses and plants can easily catch fire from holiday lights, so use them sparingly if your outdoor space is parched.  Be thoughtful about giving gifts, especially for kids, and always take the proper safety precautions for all toys, especially ride-on toys.

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