You Must Follow These Rules if You Want to Reduce Your Chance of Being Involved in a Train Accident

Trains do not always work on a set schedule and you may not know they are coming. Engineers can only do so much to prevent train accidents because it takes minutes for a train to stop. As a driver, you must follow these rules if you want to reduce your chance of being involved in a train accident as much as possible.

Do Not Race a Train

It may seem that you have plenty of time to get across the tracks but trains can be much closer and faster than they initially appear. It does not matter how fast you are going – it is very likely that you are not going to beat a train. As you come up to a crossing, stop fully, look for trains, listen for trains, and, if the gate is up and the lights are not flashing, you can cross cautiously.

Always Obey Train Signs and Lights

If the gate is down and/or the red lights are flashing then you should not cross – period. If you do cross, you could have your license revoked for a full year. Do not forget that even if one train has passed, another train could be coming up. If the lights are on and the gate is down, stay put – no matter what.

Know What to Do if Your Vehicle Stalls on the Tracks

Do you know what to do in the very unfortunate event that you are driving and your vehicle is stalled on the railroad tracks? Get out of the vehicle and move away from the track. Move in the direction the train is coming from. If you run the other direction – the same direction in which the train is traveling – you could be injured by debris. If there is no train coming, get off the tracks and call the police for immediate help moving your vehicle.

Do Not Cross the Tracks Until You Are Sure There is Room for You to Cross

If you are driving in traffic and the vehicle in front of you goes over the railroad crossing, make sure there is room for you to cross before you follow them fully. You do not want to get stuck on the tracks during a red light. This can put you in danger of serious injury and/or severe damage to your property. Just wait until there is no question that you can safely cross.

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