Yes, You Still Have Legal Options if You Have Pre-Existing Conditions and Are Injured in a Car Accident

People frequently think they don’t have the right to demand compensation from the party who caused their car accident when they already have an injury and it gets worse. The truth is that a person does have the right to ask for compensation when pre-existing ailments worsen. This covers both deteriorating physical and deteriorating psychological issues.

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You must always tell your lawyer if you have any existing injuries

You should disclose any prior injuries you may have to your personal injury lawyer. Even though it might appear unconnected to your recent injuries, the truth is that your attorney will be taken by surprise if you neglect to report your injury and it comes up in court. It could be cited by the defendant as proof that you lack credibility, which could lower the amount of damages you are entitled to.

A person is more prone to sustain injuries in an accident if they already have one

A plaintiff with a pre-existing injury is frequently referred to as a “soft-shell plaintiff” in the field of personal injury law. This simply indicates that a person has a larger chance of being hurt in a new accident, even if the event was mild enough that a person who had not been hurt before would not have been hurt.

A low impact automobile accident is a typical illustration. A person may be more likely to sustain injuries in a seemingly minor car collision if they already have a back or neck problem. When your personal injury lawyer tells the jury that your injury makes you more vulnerable, it can assist to allay any concern they may have. The jury may be doubtful if they learn that a healthy person was hurt in such a minor accident.

It’s critical to have thorough medical records

It is crucial that you have thorough medical records in a personal injury lawsuit like this. For this reason, even minor injuries require a doctor’s attention. For instance, if you broke your neck and it takes three months to heal but you don’t go to the doctor, it may be difficult for you to recover damages in the future if you file a personal injury lawsuit.

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