Yes, Concussions Are a Traumatic Brain Injury: Learn How to Get the Care You Need

When a person suffers a head injury, you may have heard others say with relief, “It was just a concussion.” This is unfortunate because the truth is clear: Every concussion is a traumatic brain injury and it should be treated as such. In the last decade, scientists have learned more about how concussions affect the brain and the entire body and they have discovered that they are much more serious than they once thought.

If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered from a concussion, then you should get immediate medical attention. Do not assume that it will go away or that it is not serious. While it is true that many concussions are indeed temporary and full recovery is likely, if you ignore it and do not get medical treatment, it can be life-changing and very dangerous. Get help from a doctor and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you need a free legal case evaluation.

There are Many Different Types of Accidents That Can Cause Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can occur due to a wide range of accident types. Some of the most common accidents that lead to TBIs include car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, dog bites (when the dog knocks down the victim), pedestrian accidents, assault and battery, slip and fall accidents, school sports injuries, construction accidents, birth injuries, and oil field accidents.

While these are some of the most common cause of TBIs, this is far from an exhaustive list. Remember that in numerous places along the skull, the protection your brain has is no thicker than the credit cards in your wallet. As a result, a brain injury can happen in just about any type of accident – even one that seems minor.

Whiplash and TBI Often Go Hand in Hand

Whiplash is the most common injury a person sustains in a car accident, and it can happen in many other types of personal injury accidents as well. While most people have heard of whiplash, they often do not realize that that whiplash and TBI often go hand in hand. Remember that whiplash happens when the head and neck are rocked back and forth quickly. Not only can this strain the muscles and ligaments, but it can jostle the brain. This is just one of the reasons to talk to a doctor as soon as possible after a car accident.

Contact an Attorney if You Have Questions

If you have suffered a TBI, or a family member has, and you believe that the injury was the result of another party’s actions (or inactions) then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 right now for a free legal consultation.