Losing a limb is traumatic, whether dismemberment results during an accident or through a need for surgery. Most people do not realize that the rehabilitation process is a lengthy process. Dealing with the costs of extensive medical treatment and/or rehabilitation is expensive. If someone else caused your accidental dismemberment, attorneys in Los Angeles can work to recover compensation to help you deal with expenses.

According to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, there are various stages of rehabilitation for someone who has lost a limb:

  • Preoperative (if doctor is amputating limb). Educating the patient and defining goals for functioning without the limb.
  • Surgery. Surgically constructing the limb to optimize fit and use of prosthesis (artificial limb).
  • Post-surgery. Optimizing strength and range of motion, promoting healing, providing educational and emotional support and pain management.
  • Pre-prosthetic. Skin care, restoring mobility, mobility training without a prosthesis, shrinking the limb, increasing muscle strength and patient education for prosthetic use.
  • Prosthetic prescription. Evaluating and ensuring limb healing, a lack of edema and shaping the limb for prosthesis fitting, along with addressing the patient’s needs, desires and abilities for using prosthesis.
  • Community integration. Addressing patient’s emotional needs for family and community life.
  • Vocational rehabilitation. Assessment and training for work activities or job modification.
  • Follow-up. Re-evaluating the prosthetic and re-fitting or making changes as needed along with providing psychological support.

Dismemberment or amputation is life changing, and Los Angeles accident attorneys can deal with the legal aspects of your accident and recovering compensation.

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