Footage from a helmet camera can help you get compensation after a motorcycle accident.

Why Every Motorcyclist Should Have a Helmet Camera

With the popularity of products like the GoPro camera, more and more motorcyclists and bicyclists are opting to record their journeys using helmet-mounted cameras. Even if your rides are pretty mundane, without spectacular scenery or daring riding, you may want to consider joining them.

Why? In case of emergency. Helmet-cam footage can help you secure full and fair compensation in the event of a motorcycle accident in three main ways:

A Camera is the Most Reliable Witness Imaginable

Human witnesses have their limitations. Two people can remember and describe the same event quite differently. In addition to the possibility that a witness may accidently leave out important facts or get events in the wrong order, there is the problem of subjective statements. For example, if a witness says a car was following too close, without specifying the actual distance between the cars, what does that actually mean? Two people can have different ideas of what is following too close. However, when you have video from your helmet camera as your witness, you don’t have to worry about any discrepancies, omissions, or subjective descriptions. Instead, you have a clear record of exactly how your motorcycle accident happened, which will help establish who caused it and who is liable for your injuries.

You Can Capture More Information Than You Think

If your camera was mounted on the front of your motorcycle, it would only capture information about other vehicles. But by mounting the camera on your helmet, you can capture everything you look at on video. This is particularly helpful when it comes to proving how fast you were going at the time of the accident (assuming you glance at the speedometer frequently), or showing that you did not see a car or pedestrian coming.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

In cases of very serious accidents, the shock value of video footage can be helpful. It communicates to the insurance adjuster (if you’re negotiating a settlement) or the jury (if you’re involved in a lawsuit) exactly how traumatic your accident was in a way that words alone could never do, and makes it more likely you will receive a larger award for pain and suffering. Having your injuries on video makes it virtually impossible for the defense to question their existence or severity.

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