Why Are Female Motorcyclists Less Likely to Be Involved in a Motorcycle Accident?

According to a survey from the Motorcycle Industry Council, more and more women are beginning to ride motorcycles. It would seem that the number of women involved in motorcycle accidents would be on the rise too but this is not the case. Keep reading to find out why women are safer on motorcycles than men.

The Reasons Women Give for Buying Motorcycles Says a Lot About Their Priorities

If you want to see why women are so much more likely to be accident-free on motorcycles compared to men, consider the top three reasons for buying a motorcycle as reported in a survey targeting women: Fun, recreation, and freedom. These are things that do not require fast speeds, dangerous curves, or other issues that can be dangerous.

Women Motorcycle Riders Are More Likely to be Trained and Well Educated

When comparing men and women motorcycle riders, women are more likely to be trained to operate a motorcycle. They are also generally younger. The median age for a man who owns a motorcycle is 48 while the median age for women owners is just 30. Fewer than half of women motorcycle owners are married while more than 60% of the men are.

About half of the women who own motorcycles have a college or professional degree. While this does not necessarily make them better or safer riders, it does show an interest in learning more about what they are doing. The survey estimated that around 60% of women took part in motorcycle safety courses while barely more than 40% of men did.

Women Are Less Likely to Choose a Lighter Motorcycle

Lighter models of motorcycles come with a higher risk of fatal accidents or serious injuries. Only 10% of women who own motorcycles choose a sport model. Only one in three own a cruiser. While smaller, lighter bikes often work better for women who tend to be shorter and to weigh less than men, women seem to prefer larger bikes, whether it’s because they like the safety features or they simply like the look and feel of a bigger bike.

Anyone Can Suffer Greatly in a Motorcycle Accident

While women may be less likely to be injured in or die in a motorcycle accident, and less likely to be involved in this type of accident in the first place, any time they go for a ride they are in danger – just like men.

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