If a crash was the driver’s fault, then Uber or another driver may be on the hook for the accident.

Who Pays If Your Uber Is in a Crash?

Ride-sharing services are more popular than ever before, particularly in cities that may not have the best taxi services.  But with drivers working as independent contractors and maintaining their own vehicles, the question of who will be responsible in the event of an accident is a big one.

There are many ways that an accident involving a Uber vehicle could occur. An accident could cause harm to the passengers themselves, or even to third parties who are in another vehicle at the time.  The facts of each case will determine which insurance policy will apply.  An experienced car collision attorney can asses your case to help figure out who is ultimately responsible for the injuries caused.

Uber’s Commercial Policy

For accidents that occur when a driver has a passenger, Uber has a commercial liability policy that provides coverage up to $1 million dollars per incident for bodily injury or property damage to passengers or third parties that are in a collision with an Uber driver.  The policy also protects passengers who are in an accident that involved an uninsured or underinsured driver.

However, there are limitations on when this policy applies.  The driver must have actually accepted the trip for the commercial policy to apply, and it covers the passenger and others through the duration of the trip.  If the driver does not have a passenger, then other coverage may apply.

Driver’s Policy or Contingent Coverage

If the driver does not currently have a passenger (but is “on the clock”), then their own personal car insurance policy may provide coverage.  However, some insurance policies do not provide coverage for drivers who are engaged in commercial activity.  This may mean that if you sue an Uber driver for an accident, his insurance policy will refuse coverage because he was actually working — even if he was between rides at the time that the accident occurred.

In these situations, Uber’s “contingent” policy may apply to provide some limited coverage for people injured.  The policy limits for this type of incident is much lower — up to $50,000 per person for bodily injury, with an additional $25,000 for property damage.

Sorting out who pays what and when they pay can be complicated, especially given that Uber is not as tightly regulated as other forms of vehicles for hire, like taxis and limo services.  An experienced car collision attorney can evaluate who exactly should be sued to make sure that you are fully covered for your losses — or that you get the highest possible recovery.

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