Which of These Expert Witnesses Can Help Your Personal Injury Claim?

Regardless of the type of injury you have experienced, if you are filing a personal injury claim then an expert witness may be helpful. The good news is that you do not need to know anything about this field – that is where The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker comes in. We have worked with many expert witnesses and know when they are necessary and who to contact. Call us at 800-333-0000 for your free legal consultation.

In the meantime, read on to find out more about expert witnesses and which types may work for your case.

Economic / vocational experts

If you have missed work because of your injury then you may be entitled to lost wages. If you have a salaried position, or an hourly position in which you work a steady number of hours per week, then this can be easy to calculate. On the other hand, if you have an irregular wage then an economist may be necessary to determine accurate lost wages as well as future projected loss of income. They can testify as well for your damaged earnings capacity or your inability to continue in the same career due to your accident.

Accident reconstruction

If there are questions of liability, i.e. if it is not clear who was at fault, then a certified accident reconstructionist may be the right person to help. They have the knowledge and experience to look at a car accident from a scientific standpoint to determine how fast the vehicles were moving, which way the vehicles were moving at the time of impact, where each vehicle was located in relation to other vehicles, and the momentum and stopping distance of each vehicle.

Healthcare experts

Determining past and current medical costs is generally fairly easy as they have already been billed or are in the process of being billed. However, when it comes to long-term, future medical costs related to the injuries received in an accident, a healthcare expert may be necessary. They can determine how permanent an injury is and what future medical procedures are likely to be necessary.

Commercial trucking experts

This is just one example of a specialized expert witness within a larger field. While an accident reconstructionist works primarily on car accidents, there is no question that truck accidents – though similar – need a different type of expert. This is why we work with commercial trucking experts who not only know how to reconstruct an accident with a commercial vehicle, but they also know the unique laws and regulations surrounding them.

If you have been injured in an accident then we highly recommend you contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for your free legal consultation. We are here to help you through this difficult process.