What You Need to Know About California Personal Injury ClaimsIf you have been injured in a California accident, you likely have many questions. At The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker, we can answer those questions when you call us at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation. You can also keep reading to get the basic facts you should know before moving forward.

Any Injury is Not Enough in and Of Itself to Create an Actionable Claim

You are not automatically able to sue someone for your injury just because you were injured. There must be legal grounds that hold the at-fault party accountable. The at-fault party must have had a duty of care to you, and they must have broken that legal duty. As a result of their action or non-action, an accident must have occurred. Finally, you must have suffered an injury as a result. If any of those elements are not present, then you will not have grounds for a personal injury case.

Personal Injury Refers to Many Types of Injury Cases

It is common for people to equate personal injury claims with car accidents. While many personal injury claims are car accidents, they are far from the only examples. Other types of personal injury cases include:

  • Medical malpractice
  • Premises liability
  • Dog attacks
  • Bus accidents

These are only a few examples – the list would go on and on.

These Cases Almost Always Involve Insurance Companies

It is very likely that your case is going to involve working with an insurance company. This is true in car accidents, medical malpractice, and most other types of accidents. Why does this matter? Because insurance companies have mastered the art of denying or reducing claims. They have attorneys at their fingertips and will likely fight your case as hard as they can.

Your Case Will Likely Settle Before It Gets to Court

In California, the vast majority of personal injury cases are settled before they get to court. In fact, more than 95% are settled. This requires the help of an experienced attorney who knows when to negotiate and when to insist on a full settlement. In some cases, even if the insurance company will not offer a settlement that is the full value we want, it will be more than you would get if you had to go to court and deal with the additional court costs.

You Can Still Sue Even if You Are Partially at Fault

In our state, if you are partially at fault for an accident, you can still work to recover damages for the percentage of fault that someone else holds. For example, if you were 20% at fault, then you could recover up to 80% of your damages.

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