An auto accident can be a frightening ordeal, especially if you or one of your passengers is injured. After any accident, the best thing you can do is remain calm and prioritize the safety of those in your vehicle. That means getting the vehicle out of traffic to a safe spot if possible, giving first aid to the injured and calling for help. These actions require a cool head, but keeping your cool is a challenge when dealing with a drunk driver. Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Control your emotions — Your job now is to control damage. There will be time later to exact justice.
  • Do not engage the drunk driver — It is always a waste of time to try to talk sense to an intoxicated person. But in this scenario, it could also be dangerous. Drunks are unpredictable, and your drunk driver could project his own feelings of guilt onto you. The last thing you need is an altercation, verbal or physical, with an enraged drunk.
  • Gather identifying information — A drunk driver is likely to flee the scene of an accident, if able. From a safe vantage point, take photos of the car and driver, and make note of the license number. If you are in a minor car accident and, while exchanging personal information, notice the driver is drunk, you should cut any discussion short and return to your car. Call the police immediately and tell them of your suspicions.
  • Get to a safe place — If you cannot stay safely in your car, get to the side of the road, away from traffic. If you are concerned that the drunk driver may become aggressive, try to flag down another car or ask a witness to stay with you.
  • Call for help — Police are required to respond to injury crashes. Call 911 and give your location. Also share your suspicion that the other driver is intoxicated.

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