Learn about the special steps involved in securing compensation for school bus accident injuries

What Parents Need to Know About School Bus Accident Claims

Statistically speaking, school bus accidents are rare, especially considering the millions of miles logged by school buses in the US each year. However, when accidents do occur, the consequences are likely to be severe.


First of all, school buses do not have the same safety features as other passenger vehicles. Most school buses do not have seatbelts, and airbags are virtually unheard of. School buses are also prone to tip-over or roll-over accidents due to the way they are designed with a high center of gravity.

However, bus passengers do get some amount of protection simply from the fact that school buses are large, heavy vehicles. This means that an accident involving a school bus and a pedestrian, a bicycle, or even another vehicle is more likely to result in serious injuries to the individuals hit by the bus than to the bus passengers. In fact, in three fourths of fatal bus accidents since 2004, the individuals killed were outside the bus, not in it.

Complicating Factors for School Bus Accident Claims

If your child has been injured in a school bus accident, securing compensation for their injuries and suffering may not be easy. If the bus driver was at fault for the accident, this really means that the school district was at fault. Suing a government entity such as a school district does come with some added complications.

First of all, the statute of limitations is different. Whereas with an ordinary traffic accident claim you would have 2 years to file, when suing a school district you may have just 6 or 12 months to start the process.

Secondly, the process of initiating a claim is different. Before you actually file a lawsuit, you must file a notice of claim with the school district or local government. If you fail to do this correctly, you will not be able to pursue a claim in civil court later on. In many cases, the school district will settle after receiving your claim, thus saving you the time and hassle of court.

Need Help with a Bus Accident Case?

Given the complications involved in suing a school district for a school bus accident, it is definitely in your best interests to hire an experienced bus accident attorney from The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker to represent you. We know the law as well as all the special procedures that must be followed to secure compensation from a school district, and we will fight for you and your child. Call us at 800-333-0000 today to learn more during a free case evaluation.