Learn why you should keep a written record of your symptoms and experiences after a personal injury

What is a Personal Injury Diary?

Simply put, a personal injury diary is a journal of your experiences recovering from a personal injury.

Why Should You Keep a Personal Injury Diary?

The main purpose of a personal injury diary is to help you prepare for a future personal injury claim.

Why do you need a diary for this? Well, remember that period after a serious personal injury can be very stressful and overwhelming. You will be facing many challenges and changes from your normal activities. Looking back on this period in your life, it will be hard to keep all the details straight without some sort of written record. A personal injury diary can equip you with the information you need to avoid accidentally downplaying your suffering and ending up with less compensation than you need and deserve.

What Should You Include in the Diary?

You should include notes on all the ways your personal injury has affected your life. This may include:

Medical Records & Expenses: Make a note of every medical appointment you have, along with the diagnosis and treatment recommendations. If you are told to take medication for pain, note the dosages and be sure to update your diary if you need to change them. You will also want to keep track of any expenses associated with your medical care, including transportation expenses.

Physical Symptoms: Keep a detailed log of your physical symptoms following your injury. This is very important because your symptoms will change as you recover, and you want to be sure you can recall exactly how much pain and suffering you experienced in the early days.

Limitations: Keep track of how your injury is affecting your daily life. For example, is a broken arm preventing you from dressing yourself or taking care of other daily needs alone? Is a head injury keeping you from concentrating on activities you used to enjoy?

Mental/Emotional Suffering: Each time you write in your diary, try to include notes about your mental and/or emotional health. Depression and lack of enjoyment of life can and should be compensated.

Keep Your Personal Injury Diary Private

For your own protection, it’s best to keep the details in your personal injury diary private. If you note on the first page of your diary that you are keeping the diary “in anticipation of litigation,” this will protect you from having to turn your diary over to an insurance adjuster. You not have to share the contents of your diary with anyone but your personal injury attorney unless you decide to file a lawsuit and your case progresses to the discovery stage. At this point, the defense can get access to your diary by making a formal discovery request.

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