ATVs (all terrain vehicles) continue to grow in popularity in the United States. Currently, no laws restrict or prevent kids from driving them on private property. CBS News reported in 2007 that more than one-third of all fatal ATV accidents involved children under 16. Warm-weather states like California provide the opportunity for ATV recreation year round, which also means an increased risk of accidents. If you or a loved one suffers injury in an ATV accident, discuss your rights to pursuing compensation with ATV accident injury lawyers in Los Angeles.

According to, U.S. doctors treated 115,000 ATV injuries in emergency rooms in 2010. In that same year there were 317 reported deaths from ATV accidents. Other parties may be liable for ATV accidents, depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident. For example, a landowner may be responsible if a riding trail has potholes, dangerous inclines or other hazards that makes four-wheeling dangerous and causes an accident. When riding someone else’s ATV, in some instances, you can hold the owner liable for damages. With unsafe or defective ATVs, you may be able to hold the manufacturer liable by proving that the product was defective.

When another party is liable, Los Angeles ATV attorneys generally file a claim with the party’s insurance company to pursue damages. Having an attorney handle the claim for you increases the likelihood of receiving a fair settlement. Legal skills and experience provide leverage at the negotiating table and offer the option of taking the case to trial, if necessary.

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