Were You Involved in a Hit and Run Accident? Follow These Rules

If you were the victim of a hit and run car accident then you may feel as though you have no options or very few options to proceed. The fact of the matter is quite different. There are things that can be done and there is compensation you may be entitled to. Read on to learn the rules to follow and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for your free legal consultation.

Call for emergency help and / or report the accident

Immediately after the accident, the top priority is ensuring the safety of you and everyone else involved. If there are any injuries then you should call 911 immediately. Everyone who is hurt should see a doctor to ensure that they are diagnosed and treated correctly.

If there were no significant injuries then you do still need to contact the police to file a police report. Depending on where you were when the accident occurred, you may need to contact the local police department or the California Highway Patrol. Either way, they will create a report of what happened and this report is likely to be necessary for any case you may file regarding the accident.

Document everything you can

Write down everything you possibly can regarding the accident. The most important thing will be the driver’s license plate number. If you can get this – or even part of it – then the police will have a much easier time finding the driver who fled. You should also write down the color of the car, the type of car, any identifying marks, etc. Even the smallest details could be used. Remember of course to write down the description of the driver if you saw them.

In addition to the other driver, you will also write down all the details you can about the environment. For example, document the weather at the time of the crash, the conditions of the road, and where you were, i.e. if you were stopped at a red light, driving through an intersection, etc. Many people assume that they will remember the details of their accident but you may be surprised by how much is forgotten in the first 24 hours alone.

Talk to any witnesses

If there are witnesses to your case then you should gather their contact information and statements from them. Even if they don’t remember anything about the car in question, if they saw the accident then they can be helpful.

Contact a personal injury attorney

The sooner you contact a personal injury attorney the better. We can help assure that you gather the evidence that you need, that you get the medical attention necessary, and that you are set up with the best possible chance of success. To get started, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.