Were You Injured in a Bike Accident That Was Caused by a Pedestrian? Learn About Your Rights

Generally speaking, when people think of a bike accident, they see a car colliding with a bicycle. This isn’t to say that these are the only forms of bike accidents. Another example is when bicyclists are involved in a pedestrian collision. Learn what occurs when a pedestrian is at fault in this scenario. Please call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to arrange a consultation with an attorney at their firm.

You may be able to file a claim for compensation for your losses

If the accident was caused by a pedestrian, you may be able to file a claim for compensation against them. It is possible for a pedestrian to cause or encourage this type of accident in a variety of ways, including failing to control their dog, running in front of someone riding a bike, wearing headphones and paying no attention to traffic or bike riders, stepping into a bike lane unexpectedly, texting while crossing, or even purposefully knocking someone from a bike.

These are just a few instances of the various ways in which a pedestrian might be held entirely or partially responsible for a bicycle accident. If your case involves a different sort of activity, please contact us immediately to obtain a consultation and evaluate whether your case qualifies for our services.

You’d need proof of their actions as well as evidence of your losses

It is unlikely that just asserting that the pedestrian was at fault will suffice; you will need to provide evidence to support your claim. This might include testimony from witnesses, tangible evidence found at the site, security cameras installed around the area, and other forms of proof.

Once you have established the facts of your case, you will need to demonstrate that you were harmed as a result of the event. If you were knocked off your bike but were wearing protective gear and did not suffer any serious injuries more than a little fright, you would not have grounds to file a lawsuit against the other party. If, on the other hand, you suffered an arm injury or your bike sustained severe damage, you may have grounds for a lawsuit.

Consult with a seasoned legal professional

Please call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you have been hurt in a bike accident of any sort and feel that someone else was at blame. A free legal consultation is available to you at this number: 800-333-0000. We will take into account all of the facts in your case, as well as your tale and your injuries. We can provide you with the information you require in order to make the best decision possible in your situation.

There are no fees associated with this consultation, and if we accept your case, there are no expenses associated with your legal representation until we win your case. Unless we are able to successfully resolve your case, you will not be responsible for any of our legal expenses. In this way, you may be assured that we are equally involved in the case as you are.