Wear These 4 Things Every Time You Ride Your Motorcycle

To be a responsible motorcycle rider involves not just reducing the chances of causing an accident for someone else, but reducing the chances that you will be involved in an accident. One of the most important steps to take is to ensure that you have the right safety gear on every time you ride – even if it is just around the block.

Keep reading to find out what four things we suggest you wear each time you ride. Then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you are injured in a motorcycle accident. We are here to provide a free legal consultation and help you get the compensation you deserve.

  1. A Helmet That Has Been Approved and Certified
  2. You know you need to wear a helmet but just waring any helmet you buy is not enough. You need one that covers your full face. You need a helmet that is approved by the Department of Transportation. You need a helmet that has been ECE 22.05 certified. If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in which your head made impact – even a little – then you must throw your helmet away and replace it with a new one.

  3. A Riding Jacket and Pants
  4. If you ride while wearing jeans and a traditional leather jacket, you may fit the part visually but you do not have sufficient protection against the road. You need padded riding gear, which can help reduce the chances of injury. They can also prevent road rash, a potentially serious and very painful result of falling on a motorcycle.

  5. Boots That Come Up Over Your Ankles
  6. Boots are for more than looking cool – they are designed to protect the wearers’ toes, feet, and ankles. Make sure that your ankles come up over your ankles entirely to get the most benefit from your boots.

  7. Wear High-Quality, Thick, Padded Gloves
  8. If you are thrown from your bike, it may be that your hands are the first part of your body that hit the ground. If you have high-quality, thick, padded gloves, you can greatly reduce the chance for certain injuries.

Remember when you are buying gear that it should be breathable and comfortable. If it not then you will be less likely to wear it – and much more likely to get seriously injured in a motorcycle accident.

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney if You Are Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

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