Victim Dies Two Weeks After Long Beach Drunk Driving AccidentThe tragic news comes more than a week after the car accident in question: A 61-year-old man has died from the wounds he experienced in a DUI accident in Long Beach. Keep reading to find out the details of this sad story and learn how a personal injury attorney may be able to help the family of the deceased move on with their lives.

The Details of the Accident

Two men were struck by a suspected drunk driver in Long Beach. While the accident occurred last month, one of them died over the weekend due to his injuries. Bryan Bogan passed away about two weeks after he and another man were struck by a minivan. The accident occurred on Del Amo Boulevard near Locust Avenue at around 1 in the afternoon.

The deceased was standing with a 71-year-old man between a Mercedes E320 and a Honda Accord, removing towing equipment. The driver of the Minivan, who has now been identified as 50-year-old Charlette Anne Colton of Lakewood, hit the back of the Accord and the car then hit the men. She fled on foot but was found and arrested shortly after the accident.

According to prosecutors, her BAC was at least 0.20 when the accident occurred. Note that the legal limit is 0.08. She was convicted of a DUI in 2012 and has now been charged with DUI causing bodily injury and hit and run driving. Now that the victim has passed away, the charges are likely to be increased.

A Personal Injury Attorney May Be Able to Help the Victim’s Family

There is nothing that can be done to bring back the person who passed away in this terrible accident. However, that does not mean that there is nothing the remaining family members can do to move on from the accident. The at-fault party can be sued. They could be held responsible for medical costs the deceased racked up after the accident and before their death. The driver could be responsible for paying the funeral and burial costs.

That is just the start of what they may be financially responsible for. The victim’s family could receive compensation for damages related to the loss of lifetime earnings, the loss of companionship, and their pain and suffering. If the case goes to court, the judge may also grant punitive damages, which are designed specifically to punish people whose particularly reckless actions cause death or serious injury.

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