Learn about common household burn injuries and how you can get compensation.

Types of Burn Injuries

When most people think of burn injuries, they think of injuries suffered in a fire. But in reality, there are many other types of burns, and they are more common than you might think. In fact, you could be at risk for some of these burn injuries right in your own home.

Thermal Burns: A thermal burn can be caused by contact with any kind of hot object. This includes fire, but also superheated steam, water, or other liquids. Scald burns from hot liquids are particularly common among children and older adults.

Electric Burns: Exposure to electrical current can also cause burn injuries. For example, it’s possible to suffer burns if a lighting strike sends a jolt of electricity through your body, or if you touch an exposed wire or an ungrounded wire.

Chemical Burns: Many common household and industrial chemicals can cause burns if they come into contact with unprotected skin. Examples include strong acids, drain cleaners, paint thinner, and even gasoline.

Radiation Burns: UV damage from the sun is the most common cause of radiation burns. It’s also possible to suffer a radiation burn from tanning booths, sunlamps, or X-ray machines.

Friction Burns: Friction creates heat, so if you fall and skid along any hard or abrasive surface such as a road, carpet, or gym floor, you could end up with an injury that is technically called a friction burn.

Symptoms of Burn Injuries

All burn injuries are painful. Some are superficial, affecting only the first layer of the skin. This is known as a first-degree burn. Second-degree burns injure additional layers of the skin, while third-degree burns damage the tissue beneath the skin. Fourth-degree burns are the most serious, as they can affect muscle, ligaments, tendons, nerves, blood vessels, and even bones.

Can You Sue for Burn Injuries?

Depending on how and why you were burned, you may be able to file a lawsuit and secure compensation for your injuries and suffering. For example, many burn injuries result from defective products, or from products that lack proper warning labels. The manufacturer would be liable for injuries in such cases. Burn injuries can also result from car accidents if a vehicle catches fire, and motorcyclists can suffer friction burns if they fall off their bike during an accident. In these situations, the party who caused the accident would be liable for the burn injuries as well as any other injuries suffered by the victim.

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