True or False: Traffic Cams Help Improve Safety at Intersections in Which They Are Installed

Traffic “safety” cameras are becoming a common sight at numerous crossroads around the country. These cameras capture images of violators speeding, blowing through red lights, and engaging in other traffic offenses, but do they actually keep us safe? Read on to learn about both sides. Then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you have been injured in a car accident and require legal assistance.

What critics of traffic cams have to say

Critics assert that the sole purpose of these cameras is to raise money through penalties. Governments are not required to hire police officers to man these intersections, but by using straightforward computer systems, violators of the law can be “caught in the act” and given a penalty.

Since it might be challenging for someone who receives a citation from a traffic camera to contest it, many people choose to pay the charge and go on, which is the root of much of the criticism. Others object to the idea of having our driving activities monitored by the government.

What supporters or traffic cams have to say

Drivers are deterred from speeding, running red lights, or engaging in other risky or illegal driving conduct if they know that they could be captured by a camera, not simply a police officer, according to supporters of traffic safety cameras. Some contend that because they make it easier for police to enforce traffic laws, they serve as an effective deterrent. Drivers will slow down and always stop for red lights if they are aware that an intersection has traffic cameras.

In the end, whether or not we see a police car or whether or not there is a camera put on a light pole at a junction, we should all be driving safely. Traffic regulations are in place to keep us all safe, not to complicate our lives, and breaking them can result in life-threatening injuries or even fatalities.

The intrusion of “big brother” watching and the potential for fines for reckless or illegal driving may be worth it if traffic safety cameras can lower the number of people who die on our roads and highways each year.

How to reduce your chance of causing a car accident

By always giving yourself enough of time to go where you need to go, you may drive safely and lower your risk of getting into an accident. Rushing frequently results in speeding or careless driving. Always drive slowly, abide by all traffic regulations, such as the posted speed limit, and reduce your speed when a light turns yellow. Driving cautiously may allow you to avoid reckless drivers on the road, even while being careful behind the wheel won’t necessarily stop all accidents from happening.

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