Truck Drivers Must Abide by Laws Regarding Their Driving Hours

We have covered many of the rules imposed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in our blogs and for good reason. At The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker we know all too well how serious a big rig accident can be and how it can devastate entire families. Today we are going to discuss the rules and regulations set out by the FMCSA regarding the driving hours of truckers

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The Hours of Service Rules

The FMSCA has passed what are known as the Hours of Service Rules. The basis of these rules are that a driver cannot work for more than 14 hours in a shift and that their time behind the wheel cannot exceed 11 hours. The rules go further and state that the maximum hours a truck driver can work in eight days is 70 hours and he maximum they can work in seven days is 60 hours.

If the truck driver reaches this maximum work week, then they must have at last 34 straight hours off before they can come back to work. This period of time off must include at least two nights, which are considered to cover the hours between 1 am and 5 am.

Further, every truck driver must take at least one half-hour break during the first eight hours of their shift. There is no question that these regulations were created to try and lower the chances of driver fatigue and to keep truckers safer on the roads. While they are likely a step in the right direction, they cannot prevent every truck accident.

The rules don’t apply to everyone

The FMSCA has passed these regulations to apply to all commercial motor vehicles, which they refer to as CMV. They define a CMV as a vehicle that is used as part of a business and interstate commerce and that is any of the following: Heavier than 10,000 pounds, having a gross vehicle or combination weight of 10,000 pounds, transporting nine or more people for compensation or 15 or more people not for compensation, or transporting hazardous materials.

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