Trampoline Accidents: Who is Responsible for Injuries?Trampolines are located in many backyards throughout the U.S. but especially in warmer states like Arizona and California. They can be a lot of fun and they can be a great way for adults and kids to get exercise, but they can also be a serious safety hazard. Whether you were on a small trampoline inside, a big one outside, or a commercial one indoors, if you were injured in a trampoline accident – or your child was – then you may wonder what your options are.

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Children can incur many different injuries on trampolines

The Pediatric Association of America is so concerned about the injury risk on trampolines that they urge parents not to let their children jump on them unless they are doing so as part of a gymnastic program. The truth is that kids can suffer from a wide range of injuries when jumping on trampolines, including bruises and strains on the minor end and brain injuries, neck injuries, and spinal cord injuries on the more serious injury side.

Most trampoline accidents occur to children who are between 6 years old and 14 years old. About three-quarters of trampoline accidents happen when there is more than one person on the trampoline at the same time. As a result, it is important that if you are going to allow your child to use a trampoline, there is only one person on it at a time. Make sure it is on level ground and has the proper protection as well.

Who is responsible when a person is injured on a trampoline?

Whether an adult or child, if a person is injured on a trampoline there are several potentially responsible parties. If there was an issue with the design or manufacturing of the trampoline then it’s possible that the manufacturer, the retailer that sold it, or the distributor could be held accountable for those injuries. This would apply via product liability in the event that the product was defective and that one of the companies involved in its sale should be held accountable.

Even if the trampoline accident was partially the fault of the person who was injured, the manufacturer can be held accountable if they did not disclose that certain things could be dangerous. For example, if they knew that putting the trampoline on uneven ground was likely to lead to tipping, and they did not warn users in the instructions, then they could potentially be liable.

It’s also possible that the owner of the trampoline is responsible for injured parties. This would be true if the owner did not assemble the trampoline correctly or did not supervise children while using it, for a few examples. If you or a child has been injured on a trampoline then we urge you to contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for your free legal consultation.

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