News stories of Toyota Prius' suddenly accelerating are all over today.

On the heels of yesterday’s post where we stated “The Toyota unintended acceleration problem has been all over the news lately”, stories of Prius’ sudden acceleration…are all over the news today!

The Associated Press just detailed a nerve-racking anecdote of a driver who’s Toyota Prius experienced unintended acceleration while on a highway outside of San Diego. You’ll probably see more of James Sikes’ story in the news soon. Mr. Sikes contacted the California Highway Patrol with a simple message: “My car can’t slow down.” 23 minutes and some burned-out brakes later, the CHP was able to help the man stop his car. ***** (Please note that this story is most likely a hoax, as described at Forbes.)

Also reported, a few hours later in New York, a Toyota Prius appears to have accelerated into a garden wall. A separate news blog article details the story of a Minnesota doctor who’s Toyota Prius experienced unintended acceleration while in reverse.

Anything involving Toyota vehicles with circumstances that appear to be slightly out of the ordinary are becoming news stories, even when there are no injuries and minimal damages involved. Expect the Toyota sudden acceleration problem to be major news for a while yet.

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