Three Examples of Injuries That Can Be Caused by a Property Owner’s Negligence

It is the legal duty of a property owner to ensure that their property is reasonably safe. They must take measures to keep it free from hazards to prevent accidents and injuries when they were foreseeable. If the owner of a property does not achieve these requirements, then they could set themselves up for a personal injury claim. Continue reading to learn about three examples and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.

  1. Slip and Fall Injury
  2. When most people imagine a premises accident, they think of slip and fall accidents. These types of accidents can occur due to a long list of property defects, including poor maintenance of driveways and sidewalks, poorly lit hallways, and wet floors that do not have a danger warning. Proving a slip and fall injury requires proving that the property owner knew about the issue, or should have known about it, and still elected not to take any action.

    For example, if you were at the grocery store and slipped on a spilled gallon of milk, if the milk had been spilled just minutes before then you would likely not have a case. However, if it had been spilled for two hours and no one had taken care of it, then the property owner might be found liable.

  3. Dog Bite Injury
  4. While many people don’t think of dog bites when they think of accident injuries, they sometimes fall under this umbrella. For example, consider that a dog can be a hazard or a dangerous condition. If they are confined to a yard by a fence, and that fence breaks to allow the dog to escape, the owner of the property could be liable. Note that the owner of the property might not be the owner of the dog. If the property owner knew that the dog was dangerous and allowed it on the property, then they could be found at fault and liable for damages.

  5. Criminal Assault
  6. The final way that a property owner could be held liable for injuries in their property is in the case of a criminal assault. For example, if a property owner is in a place in which there is significant criminal activity, and they take no steps to protect their visitors, then they could be held liable. Consider a store that did not have a well lit parking lot. If a shopper was injured in the parking lot due to the lack of lighting, the store owner might be held liable.

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