Three Arguments in Favor of Adding More Roundabouts on California Roads

If you have traveled to almost any country in Europe, you have likely seen the wide use of roundabouts. While they may seem strange to those of us in a country with few of these intersections, there are actually quite a few arguments in favor of installing more of them here. Keep reading to learn more and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you have suffered an injury in an accident and believe someone else is at fault.

  1. Roundabouts Are Safer Than Traffic Signals and Stop Signs
  2. Every major study has shown that there are fewer car accidents in roundabouts than there are at the traffic signals and stop signs that you are used to in the States. Why? For one thing, the tight circle of a roundabout makes it necessary for drivers to slow down. The slower drivers are going, the less likely they are to get into an accident, and if an accident does occur, it is less likely to involve catastrophic injury when both vehicles are driving slowly.

    Many of the most common types of accidents that happen at intersections are not likely in roundabouts. This includes right-angle, head-on, and left-turn collisions.

  3. Roundabouts Offer Better Traffic Flow and are Better for the Environment
  4. Research shows that traffic flow can improve dramatically after a roundabout is installed. This can be particularly helpful in California, which some consider to be the Traffic Capital of the world. The fact that fewer vehicles are idling, and they are idling for less time, is also great for reduced emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

  5. Roundabouts Are Safer for Pedestrians and those on Bikes
  6. In most instances, a pedestrian is safer around a roundabout than they would be on an average road. When they walk around roundabouts, they walk just on the perimeter and only cross a single direction of traffic at a time, as opposed to crossing both ways at a typical intersection. In general, the crossing distances are shorter than at intersections and the vehicles are moving more slowly than they are at traditional intersections. This is all good news for bike riders too.

Does This Mean Roundabouts Are Best for All Intersections?

Not necessarily. While there are arguments for this change, there are arguments against it too. Changing an existing intersection can be quite expensive. There is also a learning curve that could lead to confusion and accidents in the short term.

At The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker we are always looking at ways to reduce the number of car accidents in the area but there will never be a year when zero accidents occur. If you are the victim of someone else driving negligently or carelessly, call us at 800-333-0000 for a free legal consultation.