The Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced five recalls this week.

The CPSC has announced five recalls this week. Contact Larry H. Parker for a free consultation at (800) 333-0000 if you or a loved one has been the victim of any faulty product.

Family Dollar stores have recalled remote-controlled toy tanks due to a burn hazard.

About 67,000 Authentic Heroes Target Practice Tanks, an RC toy tank, has been recalled after five reports of the controllers overheating and melting. The toy was manufactured in China. See the recall.

Kang Sheng Group has recalled a push toy due to a choking hazard.

About 1,440 Butterfly Push Toys have been recalled because plastic balls on the butterfly’s wings can break and cause small metal balls to be exposed, presenting a choking hazard in young children. The Butterfly Push Toy was manufactured in Hong Kong. See the recall.

Steelcase has recalled a swivel chair due to a falling hazard.

About 165,000 Cachet Swivel Chairs due to a support breaking, causing a risk of a fall. One injury has been reported so far. Cachet Swivel Chairs are manufactured in the US. See the recall.

The Land of Nod has recalled drop-side cribs due to entrapment, suffocation, and falling hazards.

Around 300 “Rosebud” drop-side cribs from Status Furniture have been recalled after receiving reports of hardware failure. Rosebud cribs were manufactured in Canada. See the recall.

KEE Action Sports has recalled a paintball gun.

About 1,400 BT SA-17 Paintball Guns/Markers have been recalled due to a risk of CO2 cartridges ejecting and posing a risk to handlers. The BT SA-17 was manufactured in Taiwan. See the recall.