These Actions Are Particularly Dangerous to the Safety of California’s PedestriansIn Southern California, walking to and from work, to and from the neighborhood grocery, or even simply around the block for exercise is typical. Almost every day is a terrific day for a walk because of our almost constant good weather. The bad news is that your risk of being injured in a pedestrian accident increases the more you walk.

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Negligent drivers

It may be argued that the numerous technological safety features added to cars have made them safer than before. However, it may also be argued that these safety features themselves can increase driving risks. Drivers get more and more distracted as they have more things to look at, including texts, phone apps, and safety equipment that provides information. According to studies, driving while distracted significantly increases the likelihood of an accident.

Driving while fatigued

Many drivers believe that falling asleep at the wheel is just a personal inconvenience, but sleepy driving can be just as risky as distracted driving. In addition to being less able to concentrate than they would be if they were well rested, tired drivers also had significantly slower reaction times.

Driving while intoxicated

Fortunately, it is difficult to find someone today who does not believe that drunk driving is a negative thing. But we also live in a period when many individuals continue to do it. Pay attention if you observe a driver driving inexplicably or are passing a pub to avoid becoming the next victim of a drunk driver.

Speeding poses two risks to pedestrians

First off, a speeding driver takes more time to stop, is less able to respond quickly to road hazards, and has less control over their car. Second, the likelihood that a car will strike a pedestrian while speeding significantly increases the possibility that the accident will be fatal.

Angry motorists

An enraged driver is more prone to take unnecessary risks. Therefore, do not attempt to inform a driver who is breaking the law if you notice them. Avoid gesturing or shouting at them. If they become enraged, they will breach the law and become much more dangerous.

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