There is Technology That Could Prevent Child Fatalities Caused by Being Left in Hot Car: Should It Be Standard on All New Cars?

There is current technology that could prevent tragic deaths caused by children being left alone in a hot car. However, it is not been installed in or included in all new cars. Hyundai Motors currently has what is known as “ultrasonic rear-seat sensors” as an option in two of its popular family cars. They are now going to make this option available in many SUVs. Is that enough? Let us consider the facts.

The Protection is an Audible Alarm

The protection in question is an audible alarm that alerts parents if they leave a child behind in a vehicle. It can also work if a pet is left in a vehicle. Hyundai, who first introduced the technology, said that it will be a standard on most of their new vehicles by 2022.

The way the system works is simple. If it detects that a back door is opened or closed before the car is started, then a message is displayed on the center cluster. This alerts the driver to check the backseat before they get out of the vehicle. Other car manufacturers have similar alerts. However, parents say that this simple message on the dashboard is not enough – there should be a loud, blaring alarm that will surely get the driver’s attention.

Hot Car Death Stats

Deaths in hot cars are entirely preventable yet they happen all too frequently. According to a safety website, Kids and Cars, nearly 1,000 children have died in hot cars since 1990. In fact, in just this year there have been at last 26 children who died due to heatstroke when being left in a car. Congress is currently considering what is being called the Hot Cars Act of 2019 that would mandate that every new car has a reminder system.

Following These Suggestions Can Prevent Hot Car Deaths

There are a few simple tips that can prevent nearly all hot car deaths if followed every single time a parent gets in a car with their child. Always check the backseat to make sure the kids are out of the car. Do not allow yourself to become distracted while driving – especially by using a cell phone. If you make a change to your routine, such as going a different route to school, take extra care to ensure your children are out of the vehicle.

Talk to your childcare provider and ask them to call you if your child is more than ten years later. Finally, try putting your purse or wallet near your child in the backseat so that you will always have to check the backseat when you get to your destination.

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