There Are Many Potential Causes of Rollover Accidents in California

Rollover accidents are one of the most dangerous forms of automobile accidents, with the potential to cause major injuries, emotional distress, and even death. Accidents involving a rollover are more prevalent than you may believe. Rollover accidents claim the lives of over 100,000 people each year, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This accounts for one-third of all road deaths in the United States.

Speeding can cause a rollover accident

A rollover accident can be caused by or contributed to by a number of factors, including speeding. In fact, speeding is a contributing factor in about 40% of rollover accidents, with 75% of incidents happening on highways with a speed restriction of 55 mph or above. Speeding makes it more difficult for drivers to maintain control of their cars, and an accident might occur if they yank the steering wheel or underestimate the severity of a curve.

Drunk driving can cause rollover accidents

Alcohol-impaired driving accounts for about half of all rollover incidents. Drivers’ judgment, coordination, eyesight, and response time are all impaired when they drink, making it more likely that they may lose control of their car.

Driver error is a common cause of rollover accident

Many rollover accidents occur as a result of a driver’s fear in an emergency scenario. They may have overcorrected after drifting out of their lane, or they may have caused their tires to grab on the roadside, which can cause a car to flip.

Worn tires can’t grip the road as effectively as new tires, providing drivers less control. Tires that are not properly inflated might overheat and blow out. In either case, drivers are more prone to respond in a panicky manner, which might cause a car to roll.

Defective vehicle design can play a part in rollover accidents

While any vehicle can roll under specific conditions, taller, more top-heavy vehicles such as vans, pickup trucks, and SUVs are more likely to roll. Due to faulty designs that position the vehicle’s centers of gravity too high within the vehicle, certain cars can roll with shockingly little provocation.

Collisions of all types can lead to rollover accidents.

When cars crash at high speeds, especially on slick road surfaces, rollover accidents can occur, but tripped rollovers account for the majority of single-car rollover incidents. A tripped rollover occurs when the vehicle collides with anything that causes it to lose its equilibrium. Obstacles such as stones, curbs, guardrails, or road debris, as well as steep or soft road margins, are common examples.

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