There Are 4 Types of Compensation You May Be Eligible to Receive if You Have Grounds for a Wrongful Death Claim

Losing a loved one at any time in your life can be a devastating. When their death was the fault of another person it can be even harder. It can feel impossible to live in a world in which the at-fault party has no consequences for their actions. This is where a wrongful death attorney can come in. Read on to learn about the four types of compensation we may be able to get for you, then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to request a free legal consultation.

  1. Medical Costs
  2. Depending on the way your loved one died, they may have received medical care for their injury before it took their life. If this is the case, then there could be a lot of medical costs – and these medical bills are not just discharged after a patient dies. Why should you have to pay thousands of dollars – or even more – for medical care that did not save your loved one? You shouldn’t – the at-fault party should. That’s why these medical costs can be included in your wrongful death suit.

  3. Lost Wages
  4. In the event your loved one was the main breadwinner in your home, their death could have a hugely negative impact on your finances too. It can be difficult to continue living in the same home, to afford the vehicle you have, and to simply buy groceries when an entire income is missing. A wrongful death lawsuit can help make up for all or some of the money you will lost for the rest of your lifetime. It can also cover the costs of loss of household services too.

  5. Funeral and Burial Costs
  6. It can be shocking to learn just how expensive a funeral is. A person who has just lost their loved one is not always in a financial position to pay for a funeral, yet they must find a way. A wrongful death lawsuit can reimburse you for the funeral costs you have paid. If you have not yet paid off the funeral, it could cover the remaining balance. No one should have to decide between paying rent and paying for a funeral.

  7. Loss of Consortium
  8. A loved one is more than a salary and they are more than a long list of medical expenses. You have lost their love, their companionship, and their support. This is referred to in the personal injury world as loss of consortium. It is one of the factors that is taken into consideration when a claim is settled.

Can being paid for any of the above damages bring your loved one back? No, but it can help you get a sense of closure. It can help you get back on our feet financially. It can help hold the at-fault party responsible. Call The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 now if you would like to request a free legal consultation.