The Truth About Taking Part in Bikeshare Programs: Learn the Myths You Might Believe

Bikeshare programs have become more popular in California and across the country. However, many people believe myths about these programs that are simply not true. If used correctly, bikeshare programs could help reduce pollution, reduce congestion on California roads and highways, and help improve fitness. If not used correctly, they could increase the number of bike accidents, car accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

Keep reading to find out how these can be used correctly by learning about some of the myths. If you have suffered an injury on a bike or by a bike rider, contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 to determine if you have a legal case.

Myth: Only Cyclists Use Bikeshares

Not true. In fact, most people who are cyclists own their own bike. Bikeshares are a great choice for a person who does not have room to store a bike, cannot afford to invest in a new bike, or who is not sure if they are going to use a bike enough to warrant the investment.

Myth: Only Tourists Use Bikeshares

Again, many people think that bikeshares are used for tourism only. However, many larger cities with successful bikeshares report that most of their users are frequent users who use the bikeshare to get to and from work, to run errands, or to get to entertainment destinations. While they are surely a good choice for tourists, there are many others who can get use out of them.

Myth: Bikeshares Have a Negative Impact on Public Transportation

Some people worry that when a community invests in bikeshares, that money is coming out of a fund that could otherwise be invested in public transportation. However, if you look at the location of the most sued bikeshare stations in larger cities, they are always at busy public transportation stops. This tells us that they are likely used as a supplement – not to replace public transportation.

Myth: Bikeshares Are Not Safe

Due to the fact that most people on bikeshares are not daily cyclists, it might seem that they would be unsafe. In fact, the data says otherwise. For example, Boston’s large program showed fewer bike crashes by bikeshare users than the cycling community in their first year. Why? Perhaps people who take part in bikeshares are more careful because they are new, or they do not drive as fast. Whatever the reason, it is clear that they do not make the streets unsafe.

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