The True Long-Term Cost of a Car Accident May Be More Than You Think

Most people will be in a car accident at some point in their lives. Most of those accidents will be minor accidents. They can be expensive – especially with today’s cars in which a whole panel may need to be replaced for a tiny tent. But when it comes to serious accidents with catastrophic injuries, the costs can be astronomical. This is just one of the reasons you should always have a personal injury attorney on your side when working with the insurance company.

One study came up with shocking results

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at traffic-related deaths and injuries throughout the U.S. They also tracked the cost of car accidents to the country. They found that in a single year, the cost of just medical care and lost productivity that resulted from vehicle accidents was upwards of $80 billion. Note that this does not include property damage and other real costs.

The cost of an individual car accident

While the cost of car accidents throughout the country is shocking, most people are more interested in the cost of a single accident. There are statistics for that too. Studies show that if a person has to go to the emergency room after a car accident it is going to cost them an average of $3,300. If that person is then admitted to the hospital then their average bill is going to be a whopping $57,000 in the long-term, with most costs coming within a year and a half of the accident.

Injuries caused by car accidents are common

It is not at all uncommon for a person to be injured in a car accident. In fact, just in the year 2012 there were more than two and a half million people treated in emergency rooms cross the U.S. for injuries they obtained in a car accident. Note that for every person who dies in a fatal car accident, 100 are treated at the ER and eight end up hospitalized.

Many injuries from car accidents are entirely preventable

The good news is that though these injuries can be expensive and live changing, they are also often preventable. Many are caused by drivers not paying attention – in fact this is one of the most common causes of car accidents. Many deaths happen because a person was not wearing a seatbelt. If you are sure to buckle up behind the wheel and always pay attention, then you can significantly reduce the chances of being in an accident.

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