The Statistics Tell the Real Story: How Safe Are Big Rig Trucks?We place a lot of faith in the government to keep us safe as Americans. We think that the government’s regulations will protect us from the food we consume to the things we buy. This attitude extends to the trucking business as well. These massive tractor trailers and semi-trucks dominate our highways and roadways, transporting essential supplies throughout the country.

While they are an important part of our economy, their size and the amount of time they spend on the road make them unsafe. So, how are they governed, and is that regulation sufficient? Keep reading to learn some of the statistics about trucks and then contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you have been injured in a truck accident.

There are many regulations in place

The US Department of Transportation has a number of regulations governing the trucking business, ranging from the number of hours that drivers can drive without being interrupted to criteria for vehicle maintenance. Trucking companies are also required to submit to vehicle and driver safety inspections.

State and federal inspectors examine trucks on a regular and irregular basis. Surprisingly, almost 20% of all commercial trucks — or one out of every five trucks on the road — develop difficulties that necessitate their removal from the road until the issues are rectified. That indicates that a large number of semi trucks now on the road are likely to have mechanical or other safety faults, potentially resulting in vehicle accidents.

It can be difficult to ensure all trucks are inspected

The ability of inspectors to keep up with the demand has lessened as the number of tractor trailers on the road grows each year. Because inspection stations are understaffed, scheduled and random inspections are less frequent, raising the risk that there are even more trucks with major mechanical difficulties on our highways and roads.

Accidents involving big rigs are often serious and even deadly

A substantial proportion of accidents involving tractor trailers result in deadly or life-threatening injuries. According to the Department of Transportation, if trucking businesses’ safety records are made public, they may be more responsive to safety concerns.

The Safe and Fitness Electronic Records system, or SAFER, currently makes some safety information available to the public. Only law enforcement officers and other authorized individuals have access to the majority of the data. The SAFER system keeps track of a trucking company’s history and safety records, including inspections, accidents, and the trucking company’s overall safety and fitness score.

When investigating an accident involving a big rig, a skilled truck accident attorney can use this safety record to show that the trucking company had a history of violations — but in an ideal world, trucks and trucking companies with a history of violations would simply be kept off the road entirely, putting people at risk.

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