Motorcyclists are significantly more likely to be fatally injured than drivers.

The Risks and Rewards of Motorcycle Riding

There is nothing quite like riding a motorcycle, particularly if you are lucky enough to live in California or Arizona.  The miles of open road, the beautiful weather, the gorgeous scenery and the sheer joy of being a motorcycle can’t be beat.  But while riding a motorcycle is undoubtedly fantastic, statistics show that with those rewards come some serious risks.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, a biker is 27 times more likely than a passenger in a car to die for every mile traveled on an American roadway, and 5 rimes more likely to be injured.  Sound shocking?  The reasons behind the numbers may help you make sense of why these numbers are so high.

While motorcycle safety has increased greatly in recent years — particularly when it comes to gear like helmets — it simply cannot compare to the safety of passenger vehicles.  Cars, trucks and SUVs have seat belts, airbags, and metal frames that protect drivers and passengers.  Motorcycles have nothing between their bodies and their roads other than perhaps a helmet, some leather and goggles.  When a biker is involved in a crash, they will feel the full force of the crash and may be ejected from the bike, landing on the road or against a tree, building, or another object.

In many states, helmets are optional for bikers, making riding a motorcycle even more dangerous for those who choose not to wear them.  In contrast, wearing seat belts is required across almost the entire United States.  While many motorcyclists choose to wear helmets, the type that they choose to use is not consistent.  If they decide to wear a smaller helmet with less protection, it may not do much to save them in the event of an accident. Some bikers choose to wear additional protective gear, such as goggles or leather clothing, while others go without. The type of gear that the person involved in the accident was wearing could significantly impact the outcome of a collision.

In addition, many motorcyclists may engage in unsafe driving behavior, such as weaving in and out of traffic, going up on the curb or speeding.  Conversely, other vehicles may not respect motorcycles, due to their small size, and may collide with them when merging onto a highway or when changing lanes. Both motorcyclists and drivers must take steps to ensure that they share the road safely to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes.

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