The Potential for Punitive Damages Can Sometimes Increase Settlement OptionsA lucky Air Force captain has secured a $46 million settlement with the employer of the utility truck driver who hit him and carried him for over 500 feet. Because a jury was prepared to add punitive damages to the $41.9 million verdict already handed to the victim, the total might have been far higher.

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A quick overview of the case

According to reports, the truck driver had a seizure and struck the victim, who was waiting for a traffic signal to turn on his motorcycle. The victim became jammed beneath the truck’s front end. When the driver recovered consciousness, he attempted to flee the scene but was stopped by witnesses before he could get onto a nearby highway.

The motorist later pleaded not guilty to felony hit-and-run and was sentenced to five years of probation and community service.

The Lawsuit’s Foundation

The victim, along with his personal injury lawyer, filed a lawsuit against the truck driver’s company, alleging that he should not have been driving because he had epilepsy and had seizures – even when on medication – six weeks before to the accident.

The Jury’s Decision

The victim is disfigured and still in danger of having his limb amputated after a series of surgeries and nearly a month in the hospital.

The jury was seen security video from the incident during the almost month-long trial. They awarded the victim $41.9 million after determining that the truck driver was negligent and began debating further punitive damages. The victim secured a $46 million settlement with the truck driver’s employer before a final jury judgement on the finances could be reached.

Punitive damages: an overview

When a defendant’s actions are deemed particularly careless, a jury has the authority to award punitive damages. They are usually given in extreme cases and are aimed to increase the defendant’s sentence.

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