The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Has Penalized Five Vehicle Importers for Violating Safety Standards

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration of the United States Department of Transportation announced today increased fines against five registered importers for breaching federal safety rules for importing cars.

Automotive Services Company, based in Spokane, Washington; Diversified Vehicle Services, Inc., based in Indianapolis; Newport International, Inc., based in Arlington, Texas; Northern Imports, LLC, based in Airway Heights, Washington; and VIP Traders, Inc., based in Airway Heights, Washington, are the five registered importers.

The importers were found to have violated federal standards by importing automobiles that did not meet Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards, according to NHTSA investigations. Keep reading to get the facts and contact The Law Offices of Larry H. Parker at 800-333-0000 if you have been injured in a car accident and believe a faulty vehicle or part might be to blame.

Importers have certain responsibilities

Importers who are registered are responsible for ensuring that the automobiles they bring into the country are safe and satisfy all federal rules and procedures. The enforcement actions being taken are intended to make clear to all registered importers the responsibility they have to ensure these vehicles are safe and legal to drive.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) allows licensed importers to bring noncompliant cars into conformity, remedy any open recalls, certify them as compliant, and hold them for a statutory waiting time before selling them.

Automotive Services Company

NHTSA has suspended Automotive Services Company’s registration for 180 days due to breaches involving vehicle certifications submitted to NHTSA and the mandated waiting time. 1) providing certifications of compliance signed by unauthorized personnel, 2) violating the statutory waiting time, and 3) neglecting to notify a new site and new facilities utilized for operations are all examples of ASC infractions.

Diversified Vehicle Services

Diversified Vehicle Services has agreed to a $500,000 civil penalty, a 125-day suspension, and the cancellation of its registered importer registration as part of a settlement decree with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The corporation acknowledges to violating the regulations pertaining to the import, modification, and certification of noncompliant cars, as well as the obligatory waiting time, in the consent order. A part of the civil penalty and the registration will be restored to Diversified Vehicle Services if the firm commits no other infractions during the two-year period of the consent order.

Newport International

Newport International has agreed to a $30,000 civil penalty and a 180-day suspension as part of a settlement decree with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Newport International confesses to violating certification labels and the statutory waiting period in the consent agreement. If Newport International does not commit any other violations within the one-year period of the consent decree, the suspension of 150 days and the civil penalty of $20,000 will be remitted.

Northern Import

Northern Imports’ registration has been suspended for 75 days by the NHTSA due to breaches of the necessary waiting time.

VIP Traders

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suspended its registration for a period of 340 days due to infractions including certification labels on automobiles, vehicle certifications submitted to NHTSA, and the statutory waiting time.

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