The Gift of Giving

At the Law Offices of Larry H Parker we have a tradition every year that we love to do. Larry H Parker and his team go annually this time of year to visit local Wal-Mart stores in our communities. To share a little during the holiday season, Larry hands out $50 or $100 gift cards to surprise shoppers. The joy on people’s faces is priceless. Some thought it was too good to be true, but as Larry explains it, this is just another way we give back to our communities.

In addition to giving away gift cards around the Holidays, The Law Offices of Larry H Parker has given away $200,000 in College Scholarships to high school seniors and first or second year college students. We are pleased to announce the Larry H. Parker Community Scholarship program for 2017 is back! This year we will be awarding 25 students. Visit our scholarship page for more information.

We wish you and your family a safe and Happy Holiday Season.